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Zynga scraps real money gaming plans in favor of zynga poker chips

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Social gaming giant Zynga has recently announced that they will be giving up on efforts to pursue real money poker licences in the United States in order to refocus on their core games such as Zynga Poker and Farmville, from which they earn money off the sale of in game items like zynga poker chips and other virtual items. Analysts and investors had viewed Zynga’s real money pursuits as the company’s savior and potential future catalyst for the company and sent shares down in after hours to show their dissapointment with the decision. CEO Don Mattrick, who recently took the helm from Mark Pincus, feels that the chances of the real money option materializing are simply not enough to turn the company around and what is needed is a re-focus on creating unique social games with mass appeal as well as updating and growing existing games such as Zynga Texas Holdem Poker.

zynga poker real money gambling

Other analysts have applauded Zynga’s decision to dedicate their resources to new and existing social games rather than on a long shot. They’re of the oppinion that reliable revenue streams from in game currencies like zynga poker chips and facebook poker chips need to be grown by investing in existing games. Zynga earns hundreds of millions of dollars each year from these types of virtual items such as zynga chips. In addition to getting small amounts of free zynga poker chips in the game, players also buy zynga poker chips when they want to move up to the high-roller tables.

“We think this is probably a wise move, focusing on business verticals they actually have experience in,” wrote Creutz, who rates the shares “market perform.” “With real-money gaming now largely off the table, and expense reductions not quite keeping up with bookings declines, the bull case is essentially reduced to hoping for some hit games

chips for zynga texas holdem pokerKing, the gaming powerhouse responsible for hits like Candy Crush, has recently surpassed Zynga in terms of daily and monthly players. In order to combat such a threat, Zynga must invest heavily into existing games to keep loyal gamers as well as possible new hits that could catapult them back to the number one spot. While player numbers in games like Zynga Poker have dropped over the years have led to a corresponding drop in players who buy zynga poker chips, revenue from the game and others like it have been a cornerstone of Zynga’s yearly profit numbers.

Anxious investors and gamers are waiting to see what Don Mattrick, the new CEO who previously headed the XBOX division of Microsoft has in store of the social gaming company. Will he return Zynga to it’s roots as the company that made millions from selling zynga poker chips? “In short, we can do better,” said Mattrick in a conference call with analysts. “Getting a business back on track isn’t easy and it isn’t quick. We have a lot of hard work in front of us, but I believe we can succeed as a team and Zynga can do this.

Does playing with zynga poker chips improve intelligence?

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This concept might baffle few soccer moms that have spent many hours nagging their teenagers to get off the computer and stop playing games like zynga poker, but is it possible these online games and specifically ones that involve zynga poker chips are making them smarter? The long time misconception of computer games being strictly for entertainment purposes and seen by some as a waste of time would greatly be proven false if this were true. So in turn should we be actually pushing adults and kids to be glued to a computer game for the sole purpose of making them geniuses?where to get free zynga poker chips

In studies done by a professor of University of Geneva, Dr. Daphne Bavelier, she has demonstrated the opposite of the usual negative connotation associated with online games. In fact, she argues the contrary that those who play computer games have increased the human brain function. The neuroscientist studied reaction times with those playing computer games, showing a quicker reaction time and focus ability for those who play computer games such as zynga texas holdem poker. There have been a multitude of new studies showing playing strategic games have a variety of benefits on cognitive development. Wouldn’t it be something if winning all those facebook poker chips and zynga poker chips was actually improving brain function?

Scientific examinations of the human brain also indicate the areas of the brain that become enhanced for gamers. There are 3 specific areas affected, which include the temporal, parietal, and frontal lobes. The parietal is responsible for focus and orienting a person’s attention. The frontal lobe is responsible for memory functions and maintaining attention span. The anterior cingulate is the problem solving portion of the brain. These areas of the brain were specifically shown to have increased in productivity and function. The gamers playing with zynga poker chips showed a increased abilities at resolving details and increased capacity of memory as well. Throwing in the online game format, the game becomes further interactive and beneficial. The study focused on online games such as facebook texas holdem poker, as well as other strategy games.

how to buy cheap zynga poker chips with paypal or credit cardThese findings put a damper on all the accusations against computer and online games being violent or deteriorating to the brain. Some games mentioned to have a greater effect on the brain include action scenario games like Call of Duty and strategy based games, like Facebook poker. Facebook poker has been studied to have potential to benefit brain function in a vast amount of ways. Poker in general requires skill, strategy, use of memory, planning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The same holds true for gamers who play facebook poker with the goal of accumulating as many zynga poker chips as possible. In addition, the average gamer, being 33 years old, actually has better vision than non-gamers. The old wives tale of computer use making your vision worse seems to be a false assumption.

Eye exams show gamers’ vision to be far better than the average population. These findings take a sharp turn for the conception of online gamers. Rather than stigmatizing those who play computer games and online games such as those involving zynga poker chips or even pokerist poker chips, experts are looking into ways to get individuals of all ages playing computer games. The effects can help development of young children and help maintain brain capacity will the elderly. In Alzheimer patients, this type of gaming therapy could potentially slow the progress of the disease or prevent it all together. The possibilities of our brain and its development are endless, and amazingly computer games can help us achieve even further. Interested in exploring this further for yourself? Go grab a few million zynga poker chips and see if you feel smarter after playing for an hour.

How to get free Zynga poker chips

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Players in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker  games know that consistently winning zynga poker chips in these games is no easy task. For this reason, we get a lot of players asking us if there are any ways for them to get free zynga poker chips without actually putting in the time  and  winning them the old fashioned way. While the amounts of free zynga chips one can get are small, they are free nonetheless, and maybe they’ll be enough to get you back in to the game.where to get free zynga poker chips

Unlock Achievements – Most facebook poker games give out free facebook poker chips for completing tasks in the game, such as getting a Royal Flush or Four of a Kind. The free facebook chips are deposited in your account just for completing these poker achievements while playing. Not much work involved there.

Free Daily Chips – Players can get free  zynga poker chips in games just by logging in every day. Game creators offer this as an incentive to get players to keep coming back and playing. These are the easiest types of free chips to get as they don’t even involve playing, simply log in to Facebook and enter the game and they’re yours.

Inviting Poker Friends – Offering free items for inviting friends to the game is nothing new, as nearly all Facebook games do it. Most facebook poker games offer you rewards in the form of gold or zynga poker chips if you invited new friends to join the game. This can sometimes be a tradeoff because while you may get some free chips, if you do this enough you’re bound to piss off your friends with the continuous spam of game invited that most Facebook users have grown to loathe over the years.

cheap zynga poker chips for sale Daily Bonuses – This is similar to the free daily chip payouts most games have, except they involve some type of lottery like scratchoffs, bingo, roulette or other random games that payout anywhere from a few thousand to millions of zynga poker chips.

Following the Game Developers on Facebook/Twitter – As a way to gain more followers or fans, game developers will sometimes announce promotions for free chips on their Facebook or Twitter pages and include a link that players can visit to have the chips credited to their accounts. Make sure you are only following their official Facebook or Twitter accounts as there are many hundreds of fake spam Fan Pages claiming to offer free zynga poker chip or wsop poker chip giveaways in an effort to lure visitors into signing up for spam offers with your credit cards.

While they won’t make you a highroller, all these methods will get you enough chips to get back in the game and give you a second chance at winning your riches. They are an alternative to having to buy zynga poker chips to get back to enjoying your game.

Friendly Live Support

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Players can pick up their zynga poker chips after completing payment by contacting us on Live Support during our Online Hours. The Live Support icon is located in the bottom right hand corner of our website. You will be able to leave a message for us if it’s outside of our normal business hours. 

Fast Delivery of Chips

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Nobody likes to wait around for their zynga poker chips. We take pride in delivering all orders quickly and safely to our customers so they can get back in the game fast. After completing payment, customers can contact us on Live Support to arrange transfer of their Zynga chips to a Facebook account of their choosing.

Lowest Prices Online

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MomsChips strives to provide our customers with the lowest prices on zynga poker chips anywhere on the internet. We are constantly monitoring the market to ensure our prices are competitive with other sites offering zynga chips for sale, giving our customers the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to buying cheap zynga chips for Facebook Texas Hold’em Games.

Secure Ordering

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All orders to buy zynga poker chips on are processed securely. Customers can pay for their zynga chips using a variety of methods such as debit and credit cards. Speak to us on our Live Support to inquire about how to purchase zynga poker chips for sale.