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Do you play Texas Hold’em like a Donkey?

Written by : Posted on April 13, 2017 : Comments Off on Do you play Texas Hold’em like a Donkey?


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There’s a poker donkey at almost every table of Texas Holdem. If you can’t spot the donkey at your table chances are it’s you.  How can you recognize a donkey? They have certain traits and characteristics that only a poker donkey would have. For example: the Ace – King all in is a classic zynga poker donkey move, but they also have other popular moves that will help you pick them out in the crowd. If any of these seem familiar to you because they’re part of your playing style, you might be a zynga poker donkey:

They chase anything and everything. When they get 7 – 2 offsuit, the first thing that comes to their mind is “I should fold this…but what if 7 – 7 – 2 comes on the flop? The zynga poker donkey is the eternal optimist, unable and unwilling to put down any cards because of the 3% chance that he might land a huge hand on the flop and is eager to push his zynga poker chips into the pot.
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They were born to call. Did someone who has been raising the entire hand just go all in with their facebook poker chipsafter the river? They probably have a very strong hand, but what the hell right? Call their bet and show ’em whose boss with your monster pocket pair! A donkey will call just about every raise of zynga poker chips if there is the smallest chance that they might hit their flush or straight, however slim the chances. Donkeys love the excitement of being “in the pot” and to them poker is more of adrenaline rush then a game of skill and discipline.

use a debit card to buy chips for zynga poker Donkeys just love to bluff with poor cards. The poker donkey is a master of  bad bluffing. The worse their hand is, the more they feel the need to bluff with huge raises of zynga chips. They watched a video somewhere on youtube about how to bluff in texas holdem and they believe they’ve mastered the most difficult maneuver in poker. This particular breed of donkey can be distinguished by their nervous “chatter” in the chat right after they go all in or raise big. Something along the lines of “I dare you to call, lol.” They’ll be in line to buy chips for Zynga poker again soon enough.

They’re always begging for zynga poker chips. This is perhaps the most telling and obvious characteristic of the poker donkey. No matter how hot of a lucky streak a donkey might catch, in the end the odds always catch up with them and they lose all their zynga poker chips. Thats when they start out on their quest of panhandling from room to room telling all their friends about how they almost won a monster pot of zynga poker chips but instead lost all their chips, and if they could just loan them a few million they will get paid back right away.  Yeah..sure thing donkey, just let me finish this hand.