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Does buying chips give players an unfair advantage?

Written by : Posted on July 22, 2017 : Comments Off on Does buying chips give players an unfair advantage?

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There is a lively discussion that usually takes place at the Texas Holdem Poker tables on Facebook. The discussions are often polite but have been known to take an ugly turn into arguments. At the center of these arguments is the issue of whether players who buy zynga poker chips or WSOP chips have an unfair advtange over those who win their zynga poker chips? Does someone who buyers, for example, 1 billion zynga poker chips and uses it to buy into the larger tables, have an advantage over someone who spent countless hours grinding in the micro games to earn his way up to those same highroller tables? Let us explore some arguments for and against this issue.

Players who claim that those who buy zynga poker chips or WSOP chips have an unfair advantage over those who spend a great deal of their time grinding away at the tables in order to win them. They claim that someone who has bought a billion zynga poker chips and built their stack up to 5 billion chips has less skill than someone who started with 100,000 chips and won all 5 billion on their own. They say that going from 100,000 to 100 million facebook poker chips is, by far, the hardest part of getting to 5 billion and that after winning 100 million chips the rest is easy.

grinding in zynga texas holdem poker gamesWhile it is true that going from 10k chips to 100 million chips is extremely hard, one must also consider the fact that players in the lower stake tables are also not very good and so winning zynga poker chips from them is considerably harder than winning in the higher tables where players are much more skilled. While this certainly isn’t true for all players at the high stake tables, after spending a few hours in the game it’s not hard to see that it seems to be true for most, as simply obtaining and holding on to that many facebook poker chips requires some degress of skill. Anyone who has spent a consirable amount of time grinding for zynga poker chips in the small buy-in tables knows that the players that populate them are generally newer, novice players. They’re quick to go all in with poor cards and most of the time misplay the odds of any given hand.

For this reason, they say, winning zynga poker chips the hard way by grinding at the tables is not actually that hard at all and in fact is only time consuming and you simply wait for a good hand and then press your luck. Those who defend buying cheap zynga poker chips in order to get to the highroller tables say that the real skill is playing at the larger buyin tables because the players there are seasoned, patient, and generally know the odds of the game and winning large stacks of facebook poker chips from them is no easy feat. By the time one wins a billion or more zynga poker chips, they’ve generally run the gamut of texas holdem, seen every hand and played it every which way possible, so the odds of someone playing carelessly at that level are much lower.

The counter argument for this point is that players on the high stake tables also play more “bingo”, which in texas holdem jargon means they are more prone to go all in with their stack of zynga poker chips because doubling ones stack from 100 million zynga chips to 200 million chips seems much more fun than doubling from 10k to 20k chips. So while there might be plenty of highly skilled players at the higher tables, you also have your bingo players who are looking to either rocket their chip count into the billions or hit rock bottom by going all in as soon as they snag a pocket pair.

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So it seems that the truth lies somewhere in between. Yes, buying cheap zynga poker chips for sale online does allow a player to jump right into the highroller tables where most of the action is, allowing them to win more chips significantly faster. This doesn’t say anything about a particular players skill level, however, and each player in the game is different and may choose to buy zynga chips for varying reasons. Players might choose to get chips for sale online due to having only a limited amount of time to play. Perhaps due to a constrained work schedule they are only able to play for 1 or 2 hours per day at most. Grinding away at the small tables for only 1 or 2 hours a day would take an immense amount of time to reach a stack of zynga poker chips large enough to buy-in to the highest tables.

Instead, these players opt to make the most of their limited free time and buy zynga poker chips online in order to bypass the hundreds of hours of play time they would need to log in order to reach those levels. Can you blame someone who only has a few hours a week to enjoy their favorite poker app for choosing to buy a few billion chips so they can play in the action packed rooms? I think the answer is clear..