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When does it make sense to buy chips in Facebook Poker games?

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how to buy zynga poker chips with paypal

Most Facebook Texas Holdem Poker games on are free to play. They give you a certain amount of free WSOP or free zynga poker chips to start while also allowing players to buy facebook poker chips. So why would anyone buy facebook poker chips when they’re given away for free? Well, the amount of zynga chips given to new players is quite small, usually not more than a few thousand chips. This amount is only good for buying into the lowest tier of tables. So what’s wrong with playing in the begginner tables? There’s nothing wrong with getting started in the beginner tables in Facebook Poker, but truth be told, they can be quite dull and are often populated by young kids and folks who barely know how to play the game. The dynamic of the game at these tables can be quite slow, as new players who are still learning the rules of the game miss their turns, time out, talk in chat more than they should, or simply don’t know how to play properly.

buy facebook chips online from websitesBuying Facebook poker chips gives players a chance to skip this type of play and move up to the larger tables where the buy-ins can be anywhere from tens of millions of WSOP chips to billions of zynga poker chips. It’s not that the players at these tables are pros who are capable of robbing your chips, because many of them are simply lucky players who had a good streak and were able to accumulate a lot of zynga poker chips quickly. But at the very least, players at these levels know how to play the game of Texas Holdem Poker. They value their stack of facebook poker chips or zynga poker chips and so they generally better, meaning you don’t have players going all in every hand with horrible cards on the off chance they hit three-of-a-kind or a flush or whatever (this isn’t always the case however).

If this type of gameplay sounds more suited to you, then perhaps buying Facebook poker chips is the way to go. Where can players buy Facebook poker chips? Buying chips in the aftermarket can sometimes be a tricky endeavour since it’s hard to know where to get cheap zynga poker chips for sale. Furthermore, players need to ensure the site they’re dealing with offers secure payment options to keep their personal data safe. Many of the websites offering facebook poker chips for sale are based overseas, so it’s important to find a site with English speaking Live Support to ensure that they can help you through the checkout process and to answer any questions you might have about how to buy facebook poker chips. Having a helpful and friendly Live Support agent is almost important because they must facilitate the transfer of chips to the customer’s account, which is usually a very simple action, but if the player doesn’t know their way around the game or tables can be a little confusing at first.

purchase zynga poker chipsWhether you decide to buy facebook poker chips or not, always remember that using common sense goes a long way. Never buy facebook chips from people who only deal through anonymous messenger services such as ICQ or even Skype. They can take your money and delete their accounts quite easily, only to make new ones the next day and start over again. Some facebook poker chip sellers also spam the chat boxes in Texas Holdem Games with cell phone numbers, asking players to call them to get huge discounts on chips, sometimes many times below the going aftermarket rate for chips. They usually ask players to send them a large sum of money to a foreign country via Western Union or some other type of cash transfer service, only to take the money and disappear with giving the buyer their chips. Be smart and stay safe when buying facebook poker chips.

How to get your hands on free Facebook chips

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how to get free zynga poker chips

Who doesn’t like free chips. Getting your hands on free zynga poker chips or WSOP chips might be harder than finding the Fountain of Youth, but it’s not out of the question and there are a number of ways players in Facebook poker games can get free chips.

free zynga poker chips offersAsk a friend for some free chips: Players generally aren’t willing to part with their hard earned zynga chips easily, so convincing someone to hand over a few million or even hundred million chips is no easy task. A player who has a few billion zynga chips has either had to buy zynga chips or win them through days or even weeks of disciplined play, so why should they share them with you? Well, you can always play on human beings’ selfish tendencies and ask them to stake you. For example, if they were to loan you 1 billion chips, you can promise to pay them back 10 billion next week if you are able to win consistently. To someone with a large stack of chips, 1 billion might not be a significant amount, but the idea of getting back 10x what they invested might just convince them to do it.


Participate in daily promotions, giveaways and freerolls: One of the easiest ways to get some free zynga poker chips is to take part in the daily promotions such as free rolls that give players the chance to win anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred million chips (though the odds of winning hundreds of million are very low). Though this won’t likely get you the hundreds of millions or billions that you’re after, they’re free nonetheless and it only takes a few seconds of your time each day. Players in Zynga Poker should also keep their eyes peeled for daily free zynga poker chip giveaways on Zynga’s official Fan Page on Facebook.

free zynga poker chips generatorAnd finally, you can beg your friends and family members for free chips: When all hope is lost and you’ve exhausted every option possible for getting some free zynga chips and you’ve come away with nothing, it’s time to swallow your pride, admit defeat and go begging with your hat in your hand. Nothing is as humbling as groveling and trying to hit up friends and family members for free zynga chips. Perhaps you can call up old favors from years past, like the time you cleaned your uncle’s gutters or shaved your grandma’s legs for her.

Seven traits that will bankrupt you in Facebook Poker

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buy cheap zynga poker chips via paypal

As with most aspects of life, the majority of people tend to shy away from taking responsibility for their mistakes. Burn down your house? It’s the toasters fault. Crash your car? A dog ran across the road officer. Lose your job? Bankrupt a company? Cheat on your wife? “It’s not my fault!”

It would seem that the same thing applies to Facebook Texas Holdem poker, no one likes to admit when they’re a bad player, so if they lose all their zynga poker chips and/or WSOP chips, it’s generally someone else’s fault.. so they say. They’ll blame it on other players, their internet connection, horrible luck, the alignment of the stars – anything to avoid having to admit that they might have played poorly or made a bad decision. Here are a few qualities of exceptionally bad poker players  which might be why they need to buy more zynga poker chips.

1) You hate math – At its most fundamental level, Facebook poker is a game all about numbers. What are your pot odds? How many outs do you have? What percentage of the pot of zynga poker chips should you raise when you have a good hand? These can all be answered with even the most basic level of statistical and mathematical knowledge, no more complicated than what you might learn in the 10th grade. But most people just refuse to use it, either from an inability to understand it or mental laziness. You don’t have to be a math genius to figure out that if you have a pocket pair you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting three of a kind on the flop. Knowing this would help you decide how many zynga poker chips to bet instead of just making blind raises.

2) You have zero discipline – Ask any of the pros in poker what they believe their best quality to be and most of them will tell you it’s discipline. Anyone can read a book about poker or watch the WSOP tournaments on television, but it takes strict discipline to win consistently at Facebook poker. If you can’t be disciplined at the poker tables, you’re susceptible to spells of boredom that will cause you to call when you should fold, raise when you should check, etc. Without discipline any bad beat can easily put you on tilt and make you lose all your zynga poker chips or Facebook poker chips.

buy zynga poker chips with paypal online instant delivery3) You’re shortsighted – No I don’t mean you wear glasses or have contacts, but rather you can’t see the forest for the trees. In other words, you don’t plan for the long term. You may be great for those first 1000 hands of poker and maybe you can even win yourself a nice stack of zynga poker chips to make you look like a big shot. But what good is working for all those chips if you always sit at a table with your whole stack? You might convince yourself that you’d never go all in unless you have a royal flush, but emotions always tend to make people do illogical things at inopportune times. You may think you have the perfect hand and someone else’s “more perfect” hand will knock you right on your ass. If you didn’t plan for the future and keep some chips on the side you are now broke and out of the game. Always keep some chips aside for a rainy day. Otherwise you’ll find yourself constantly scrambling to buy some more chips for zynga texas holdem poker.

4)  You’re emotionally imbalanced -This one is pretty straightforward to understand. If you’re a little on the crazy side, if you’re prone to emotional outbursts, or have an overall dramatic personality, poker may not be the game for you. If you’re an emotional wreck in real life chances are you will carry this over to the Facebook poker table. You won’t be able to recognize when you’ve starting tilting and playing angry and you certainly won’t know when to stand up and walk away from the game and take a breather. Emotional players tend to play with an all or nothing mentality, for example “I’m either gonna win back all my zynga chips or go broke”. Remember: emotions and poker don’t mix.

5) You can’t stand losing – This ties in with being emotionally imbalanced but it’s a very big factor of being a bad Facebook poker player. If you feel that losing a hand is an insult to your ego or manhood or pride, then you should try playing shuffleboard instead. Losing is as much a part of poker as death is a part of life, it’s inevitable and it eventually happens to everyone, get used to it.

6) You need to see instant results – Patience is another quality bad Facebook Texas holdem poker players lack. If they sit at a table and don’t flop a straight within 20 hands they start cursing their luck or going on about what a terrible night it is. If this sounds like you, then you might be a bad Facebook poker player. You’d be better off renting a movie and cooling off a bit.

buy zynga poker chips mobile delivery7) You hate chance – This is an important one, because lets face it, no matter how good you are or how many hands you’ve played or how many zynga poker chips you’ve won, at the end of the day chance and luck rule the field, especially in the short term. Are the players who win the world series of poker tournaments in Las Vegas the best players in the world? Of course not, but they’re all great players who happened to find a streak of luck and were able to use their skills to take advantage of that streak and make it to the top. Maybe the players who lost even played better than them and by all logical conclusions should have won, but logic and poker don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes the donkey who calls with nothing will beat your flopped straight because he caught the flush on the river and ended up winning all your zynga poker chips.

If any of these sound too familiar and you’re starting to think I might be talking about you, then maybe it’s time you starting taking the time to improve or change your playing style in order to start building back your stack of zynga chips.

The unstoppable success of Facebook Poker games

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facebook games such as zynga poker and wsop

The average poker players would be surprised to learn about the huge numbers of players playing Facebook texas holdem poker online every day on Social Networks across the globe in brands such as WSOP, Zynga Poker, Big Fish Casino and many more. Most real money online poker sites could only dream about having so many players at their tables. More than 12 million poker fanatics play consistently on Facebook. Think that is amazing? Around 200,000 people are playing at any single time. Not only that, they’re actually buying fake, or play chips order to crush the competition. But what’s the goal? It is to be the best, of course; to eventually win enough facebook poker chips, zynga poker chips, or WSOP chips to best all of their friends, family, coworkers or even total strangers..

In case youre wondering why so many people are investing real money in return for WSOP or zynga poker chips, be aware that its Facebook after all. Its a social site where you stay in touch with friends and family. So, it may be out of sheer boredom, or just the love of poker that draws so many people into such a money sink. Maybe its even the fact these fake zynga poker chips are way cheaper, and are less of a liability, than real cash chips. Some people love poker, but they cant, or dont, want to risk losing massive amounts of money.

facebook poker games on facebook

Another big draw of Facebook Texas Holdem Poker is the nightly cash games, very similar to those you would have in real life at each others houses. Whats great is you dont even have to leave your house (or get dressed, for that matter.) No wasted gas driving over to play a card game. You also have the chance to meet new people, in turn gaining new contacts. While not having exactly the same feel as playing cards with the guys kicking back some beers or what not it does act as an adequate substitute that assures a simple cure for boredom.

After adding Facebook poker to your account, you start off with a bankroll of zynga poker chips or facebook poker chips given to you. You either build upon it, or lose it. If you do bust out, you have a few choices. Theres an option to for real money, and theres the option of either waiting it out in which Facebook replenishes your facebook chips stock slowly on a daily basis or signing up for special offers, in which you’ll gain chips by installing different Facebook applications. But no matter what you choose, its about as profitable as playing solitaire. Read more on winning more zynga poker chips by betting big.

where can you buy zynga chips with a credit card fast deliveryFacebook poker games such as Zynga Texas Holdem can be incredibly easy for beginners. They don’t have to suffer the heartache of losing an untold amount of hard earned cash on their first excursion into the world of poker. Its like a fish tank in which they can hone their skills before diving into the shark infested waters of real cash games. And the best part, they can do it with the support of their friends and family online as they play side by side in the rooms. Anxiety free poker is wonderful when you’re only playing with Facebook poker chips.

Games like WSOP and Zynga Poker are here to stay. Its a risk free investment of time that wont have you attempting to explain to your loved one why you lost this months rent. This playground for beginners can also build a foundation for a possible poker career. People can test the waters and decide if they like the game or not. If nothing else, its a great way to stay in touch with old friends while also occupying the mind.

Do you play Texas Hold’em like a Donkey?

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verified websites to buy zynga poker chips online from

There’s a poker donkey at almost every table of Texas Holdem. If you can’t spot the donkey at your table chances are it’s you.  How can you recognize a donkey? They have certain traits and characteristics that only a poker donkey would have. For example: the Ace – King all in is a classic zynga poker donkey move, but they also have other popular moves that will help you pick them out in the crowd. If any of these seem familiar to you because they’re part of your playing style, you might be a zynga poker donkey:

They chase anything and everything. When they get 7 – 2 offsuit, the first thing that comes to their mind is “I should fold this…but what if 7 – 7 – 2 comes on the flop? The zynga poker donkey is the eternal optimist, unable and unwilling to put down any cards because of the 3% chance that he might land a huge hand on the flop and is eager to push his zynga poker chips into the pot.
websites that let you buy zynga poker chips with paypal checkout
They were born to call. Did someone who has been raising the entire hand just go all in with their facebook poker chipsafter the river? They probably have a very strong hand, but what the hell right? Call their bet and show ’em whose boss with your monster pocket pair! A donkey will call just about every raise of zynga poker chips if there is the smallest chance that they might hit their flush or straight, however slim the chances. Donkeys love the excitement of being “in the pot” and to them poker is more of adrenaline rush then a game of skill and discipline.

use a debit card to buy chips for zynga poker Donkeys just love to bluff with poor cards. The poker donkey is a master of  bad bluffing. The worse their hand is, the more they feel the need to bluff with huge raises of zynga chips. They watched a video somewhere on youtube about how to bluff in texas holdem and they believe they’ve mastered the most difficult maneuver in poker. This particular breed of donkey can be distinguished by their nervous “chatter” in the chat right after they go all in or raise big. Something along the lines of “I dare you to call, lol.” They’ll be in line to buy chips for Zynga poker again soon enough.

They’re always begging for zynga poker chips. This is perhaps the most telling and obvious characteristic of the poker donkey. No matter how hot of a lucky streak a donkey might catch, in the end the odds always catch up with them and they lose all their zynga poker chips. Thats when they start out on their quest of panhandling from room to room telling all their friends about how they almost won a monster pot of zynga poker chips but instead lost all their chips, and if they could just loan them a few million they will get paid back right away.  Yeah..sure thing donkey, just let me finish this hand.

How to play ‘Pocket Aces’ in Facebook Texas Holdem

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Pocket Aces, otherwise known as Snake Eyes,  American Airlines, Rockets, or bullets, is the strongest starting pair a player can get in Facebook Texas Holdem poker. Against any single opponent, your chances of taking the pot are about  85% if you go all in before the flop. So why then do so many people cry about how they’ve lost huge pots of Facebook poker chips with Aces all the time?

Well obviously one of the reasons is just luck of the draw, even with an 85% chance of winning, that means that 15% of people will still lose all their Facebook poker chips by going all in. Spread that percentage over a few million players and you’re left with quite a few people who have a bone to pick with the “bullets”.

But the main reason most people lose with Aces is much simpler than odds, its just poor play. Aces can turn the best of players into complete amateurs because people tend to fall in love with this hand. The chance of getting Aces in Zynga poker are about 1 in 220, so when it does finally hit, its incredibly hard to lay it down. Even after players realize an opponent might have a better hand after the flop, they just can’t help but throw more and more zynga poker chips at the problem, hoping that it will somehow turn around for them.

Slow play: There’s a big element of excitement when a player gets Aces. Your first instinct is to go all in and see how many players you can get to call, but then another side of you thinks that might scare everyone out and announce that you have the bullets. So you try to drag other players into the game with less than spectacular raises of facebook poker chips or zynga poker chips. Maybe you don’t even raise, you just call another players raise or check it. Knowing the odds a little better might explain why these undersized raises usually end in tears. While Aces may take the pot 85% of the time against one opponent, that number drops down to 73% when there are 2 other players and 64% when there are 3 others. And if 5 other people are in the pot, the odds fall even further down below 50%.

Being starstruck: This is a common mistake among intermediate and beginner players whose skills at reading their opponents hands are not yet refined. While preflop your Aces are usually solid, a flop of 7h 8h Jh opens up the table to all kinds of flushes and straights and your hand strength plummets. But players are often so thrilled to get pocket aces and so convinced that it’s finally their shot and winning a huge pot of zynga poker chips that they turn a blind eye to any possibility that their hand might have already been bested by an opponent’s. They continue to ram more and more poker chips into the pot in the hope that either everyone else will fold, or they’ll land another ace and get trips. This situation usually ends with players having to buy more zynga poker chips.

There is no shame in winning only a few million Zynga, Facebook, or Turn poker chips when your opponents fold to your big pre-flop raise. It’s just part of the game, and it will keep you from being outdrawn and overplaying. There is a lesson to be learned here. Don’t fall in love with Aces. Just like a woman, if you hang on to them longer than you should – they’ll take all your money and leave you broke.

Coming back to the tables after a big loss

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zynga poker loser


Losing one’s zynga poker chips is something that inevitably happens to even the best players in Texas Holdem games. Whether you lost your zynga chips to a bad beat or simply made the wrong call at the wrong time, the fact is that even world class players such as Phil Ivey or Patrik Antonius have had great hands busted at the tables due to run of the mill bad luck. While losing your zynga chips may be part of the game of poker, the long road back to building up your stack doesn’t always have to be. After a harrowing loss that leaves a player with barely enough zynga poker chips to cover a big blind, they’re generally left with few options to get back in to the game.

guy after a loss in zynga poker

If they have enough friends playing the game of zynga Texas Holdem on Facebook, they can try to bum a few million zynga poker chips off them. This generally requires a player swallowing his or her pride and going hat in hand panhandling in the hope that a friend or family member will take pity on their situation and give them some free zynga poker chips. While this strategy sometimes works out, it generally yields very little in the way of chips as most players tend to be quite stingy with their hard earned chips and look down on what they see as ‘freeloaders’ begging for chips that they put the time in to win.

Another method that players often try when trying to replenish their stack of zynga chips for Facebook is to seek out and try their luck with zynga Poker cheats or hacks that they think will give them free chips. While some of these types of cheats were known to work in the early days of games such as Zynga or zynga poker, game developers have since patched them and secure their games so that cheats or hacks no longer work. Nonetheless, some players will still try to use them and usually end up having their accounts banned or hacked in the process. Word to the wise: avoid cheats and hacks – they don’t work, period.

weighing the options of buying zynga chipsFinally, a player is left with the option to buy zynga Poker Chips to get back in the game. While this method is often the quickest and most direct route to hopping back into the action at the tables, in game prices for any significant amount of zynga chips can be astronomical. Because of this, high rollers have often turned to the aftermarket and independent chip sellers as a way to replenish their stacks quickly and buy large amounts of zynga poker chips for Facebook. Finding a reputable site that offers cheap zynga Poker Chips for sale usually only takes a few minutes of research on Google and can often save players anywhere from 50-75% off in game prices, allowing them to buy much larger amounts and skip the long, slow grind that is needed to build back one’s stack after a bad beat.

How to Buy Zynga Poker Chips using Bitcoin

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how to buy zynga poker chips using the online currency bitcoin

There are a multitude of ways to buy zynga poker chips when playing the popular online Texas Holdem Game for Facebook. Players can purchase chips in the game using a credit or debit card, preloaded game cards, PayPal, Facebook Credits, or players can choose to buy zynga chips on the aftermarket from trusted websites that offer these chips at steep discounts to in game prices. Until recently, these sites usually processed payments for chips using many of the same traditional methods as an in game purchaser would, ie. credit cards or paypal, but recently many aftermarket chip dealers have begun turning to Bitcoin.

where to buy zynga poker chips using paypal or a credit cardWhat is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital internet currency (think digital gold coins), that can be bought and sold as needed and used to pay for online transactions. There is no single entity or organization that regulates this digital currency, and so it has become a boon for online merchants who have grown tired of the regulation and red tape that comes along with a traditional credit card processor account. Another advantage of Bitcoin is that it cannot be charged back or reversed, which helps to reduce the incidence of fraud that tends to plague online transactions and especially digital in game item sales such as buying zynga poker chips.

So now that we’ve established what Bitcoin is and that it can be used as a medium for payment for secure online transaction, how does one go about buying or using Bitcoin to buy zynga poker chips? A potential customer would need to first locate a website that offers cheap zynga poker chips for sale online. Once they’re satisfied as to the legitimacy of this website, they can sign up for an account on or which are two of the most popular sites that allow customers to buy Bitcoin and send it to anyone around the world. Customers can then purchase the amount of Bitcoin that corresponds to the package of zynga poker chips that they wish to purchase and send it to the sellers unique address, which resembles a string of random letters and numbers such as “1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2”. The seller receives an alert that Bitcoin has been deposited into his account, and proceeds to meet the customer in the game in order to facilitate the transfer of the zynga poker chips they purchased. While all this might sound a tad confusing to those who aren’t tech savvy or never heard about Bitcoin before, the actual transaction and process is actually quite simple, and not much different than sending money with services like PayPal or Venmo. You can read more about the future of sending money online here: Bitcoinwhich websites sell zynga poker chips cheap and secure


How to win zynga poker chips by betting with big hands

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how to handle yourself in zynga poker tournaments

You’ve raised a whole lotta zynga poker chips pre-flop with your pocket kings as you were instructed to by every poker book you’ve ever read. The field has been narrowed to yourself and two opponents, and the three of you look at a flop of K – Q – 4. You are first to act. What do you do?

This is a situation where 95% of the zynga poker players in the world check quickly, and that is by no means a bad play. You have the nuts, and because it is the top set, it is very unlikely someone else in the hand has hit the flop very hard. You can give a free card here without taking too much risk, hoping that your opponents will pick up something on the turn or sense weakness in you and bet their zynga poker chips. It’s a decent play that many zynga poker players make, but therein lies the problem. Almost every zynga poker player, regardless of skill level, has fallen in love with slow-playing made hands on the flop and it is costing them millions of zynga poker chips in my opinion.


Most solid, aggressive zynga poker players follow up their pre-flop raises with a bet on the flop, regardless of how hard they have hit or missed it. This is known as a continuation bet, and it keeps opponents guessing as to the strength of your hand. Making this bet of zynga chips on a regular basis will also make it more likely they will play back at you with less then stellar cards, knowing that you can’t always “have it”. In many instances, you are going to get raised after you miss. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It means the other players have grown distrustful of you, and know you can’t have it all the time. Before long, they will start taking stands with weak pairs or draws. I feel absolutely no shame in giving up a pot after I have missed the flop, because now I am setting myself up to take down a big pot of zynga poker chips when I hit.

betting a big hand with your zynga poker chips

In zynga texas holdem poker, I live by the credo, “Always have a purpose for anything and everything that you do”, and folding is no different. Most of the time your purpose for folding is because you feel you do not have the best hand and cannot win the pot by betting, however, sometimes there is more to it. Aggressive players are often the most successful at NL because their opponents try to catch them in bluffs and make stands with marginal cards. By betting out with Ace-King and then folding to a raise on a queen-high board, I am letting the other players know that I am very capable of making continuation bets with nothing. This increases the likelihood of getting called or raised when you bet out. Now you are able to use this to your advantage by betting out with your big hands. The example I am using is from a $2/$4 NL game online. We had been playing 3-handed for about 15 minutes or so, and I had already established an aggressive image. I was raising a lot and following up every raise with at least one continuation bet with my zynga chips. The other players were mostly folding, but they had begun to call me rather quickly with middle and even bottom pair. I had even been raised a few times. Luckily for me, the following situation came up at the perfect time.

I had the button and almost $450 million zynga poker chips. The small blind had only $120 million or so, and the big blind had around $400 million. I picked the 8 T, and given my position raised it up to $12 million zynga chips. The small blind folds and the big blind called. The flop came down 8 4 8, and my opponent checked to me. I raised with a trash hand, got called, and flopped trips. Why in the world would I check here? Sure, maybe I can hope an Ace hits the turn and I get a bet or two out of him and make some profit, but this guy has some zynga poker chips in front of him and I want them all. I will bet out here every time and risk having him fold, for that one time he plays back at me.

I bet almost the pot ($20 million) as I have been doing every hand in which I have raised. He can’t think I have hit any piece of that flop, and he obviously doesn’t when he raises me to $45 million zynga chips. With this raise, I feel like he’s telling me that he has a 4 and that I should fold my high cards. Because the raise is not substantial, it is very easy to play the part of Ace-King or a flush draw here and make a crying call, hoping I will hit the turn. In reality I am praying for an off-suit deuce. My prayers are answered as the board reads 8 4 8 2 on the turn. With $116 million zynga poker chips in the pot, my opponent now bets out $80 million.

The turn was a perfect card for me, because he can’t assume it could possibly have helped me. Based on how the action has gone down, I am putting him on any 4 or a small pocket pair. There is also the possibility that he too has an 8, but in a three handed game, I’m not laying my hand down at this point. After his bet the big blind has left himself with roughly $250 million. I am almost certain he will put in all of his zynga poker chips in this spot, but to be sure I have to sell it. I take about 15 seconds or so before making it $200 million zynga texas holdem poker chips to go, essentially putting him to a decision for all his chips. In his mind, each second that passes after he bets $80 million assures him that he has the best hand, however marginal it may be. He does not want a call here because he has to assume that I have big cards, possibly with a flush draw, of which there are two after the turn. After I raise, he takes a few seconds and then throws in his last $50 mil. If I was at all scared about him having an 8, the 10 on the river eases my fears. But he shows me 5 5 and I bust him.

Looking back on the hand, I don’t believe there were too many other ways to get all the zynga poker chips in. If I check the flop, I can still get a turn and river bet out him, but it is very unlikely that I can get all his chips. The minute I check the flop behind him and then bet or raise on the turn, warning sirens go off in his head and he is only calling my bets, possibly folding. Betting out is the only way to get it all, and I will risk only winning a few bucks in that spot every time in the hopes of the big pay off. It is the same principal with betting out when you flop a set, straight, flush, or two pair. Many times everyone will fold and you will curse yourself for chasing your opponents out of the pot, but the hands in which they play back at you will far outweigh the pots you take down by slow-playing. Even if you just get called on the flop, it allows you to show weakness by checking the turn, letting them know you are essentially giving up on the pot. You can then make substantial check-raises on the turn or river, building pots in which you are most likely far ahead.

In no-limit hold-em, big hands are what you dream about. They allow you to play your opponent without worrying about what you have. The only question you should be asking yourself is, “What can I do to get the most facebook poker chips possible in the middle?” Otherwise you’ll be join the other players busting their stack and lining up to buy more zynga poker chips.

How to craft your ‘poker image’ at the table

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Flipping through the channels I caught an interview with Roger Clemens discussing his long term success. When asked how he approaches each hitter Clemens had this to say: “I pitch to my strengths, and force the hitters to make the mistakes. I know my opponents, I study them, and I know their strengths and weaknesses. Generally pitching to my strengths will indirectly attack a hitters weaknesses. If a guy is very impatient I know I can attack him with high heat, a pitch that I’ve relied on my whole career. I’m also very aware of my reputation of being a hard nosed flame thrower that isn’t afraid to knock someone down. I use that to my advantage, I’m able to work off of my fastball keeping hitters off balance with breaking balls. I’ve never been afraid to mix it up, but it’s nice to know at the end of the day I can rear back and challenge anyone in the box.”

Hearing Roger speak made me realize how knowledge of the game so greatly out weighs God given ability. He is able to take the lead in most situations and force hitters to adjust their game. Before you grab a baseball and attempt to make a career change realize this is very applicable to zynga poker. In this article I’d like to discuss table image and developing a playing style focusing on strengths.

As a beginner two years ago I was naive to my table image. I just couldn’t understand why all my bluffs got called down and why my marginal hands were always under pressure. Fortunately I ran well and played against zynga poker players incapable of capitalizing on my inexperience, so I faired well. However, as I jumped stakes I would have gone broke had I not deeply examined my style and image.

My style of play is very image based and read dependant. Most people who play with me would classify me as the resident maniac. Truth is I like to see a lot of cheap flops, but when I make a hand, a draw or just sense weakness I attack the pot of zynga poker chips very aggressively – power poker at its finest. This forces me into some tough situations where people take stands at me, which lends me to make big calls for a lot of zynga poker chips. If there is a big pot I’m probably involved, rarely as a big dog. Aggressiveness, gamble, read based plays, loose preflop play; all these factors culminate to develop a maniacal table image, or should I say table illusion.

My maniacal appearance is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. I give action to receive action, but the action I give is generally small gambles in big pots where the implied odds are right or I control the action. I’ll peel with bottom pair and a backdoor, or a gutter if I think it’ll get paid. In turn I receive all the action I can handle with my big hands, you can only table 45s for a monster pot so many times before people start to give you action with any two.

Developing a style:

zynga poker table finder extensionI’ve developed my style around this image and more importantly around my strengths in zynga poker. I know I am a strong post flop player. I trust my ability to read players and situations. I also know that most amateurs’ biggest flaw is the inability to apply Skalansky’s Fundamental Theory of Poker. Just like Clemens I force my opponent to make mistakes, those mistakes lead to big pots of zynga poker chips. I count on them to misbet their hands letting me make a hand cheaply and then pay off a big bet when I do. I expect them to put the zynga chips in drawing against the odds. Dissect your own play and that of your opponents all while noting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to develop a style that enables you to capitalize on unprepared opponents.

Skalansky’s Fundamental Theory of Poker in a nutshell says if the cards were dealt face up for everyone to see you should make the appropriate move based on all the information available. For example if you know a player has the nut flush draw and you hold top set you should make bets that lay him incorrect odds to draw to his flush, thus he makes a ‘EV play every time he calls your bet. Most player’s biggest flaws reside in mis-betting their hands.
Exploiting your image:

To anyone paying attention at a zynga poker table, your style is going to become very apparent. Whether you are a rock, ABC, or a maniac people associate a certain image with such styles. Use this to your advantage. Roger knows people associate him as a flame thrower, and yeah when he has a guy cornered he’s going to reach back and cut one loose. However, he uses that image to set hitters up, he plays of his fastball and fools unsuspecting hitters with his vast variety of off speed pitches. As a maniacal player I know people can’t put me on a hand, thus when I make a big one all I have to do is bet it well; give them enough rope and their sure to hang themselves. Also people can’t see me switch gears because they expect a certain ram-n-jam style, so they aren’t paying attention to hundreds of hands I’m folding. All it takes is one big bet of zynga poker chips or one re-raise and everyone chalks it up to me being a maniac, not the actual facts of me having a hand. These are the advantages a player must capitalize due to his image. The same way that ‘Action’ Dan Harrington is able to pull off ridiculous bluffs at WSOP final tables, he is very aware of how his opponents perceive him and he exploits that.

what are websites to buy zynga poker chips safely securelyDeveloping a style and image go hand in hand. However, once your image is exposed that is your image forever, but your style is open to change as often as necessary. This goes back on what I spoke of earlier with Harrington. He’s able to make these outlandish bluffs at the appropriate times because his known image is that of a rock so people assume his style follows suit. Not the case, any player worth their salt knows that you are constantly changing gears throughout the course of a night. You must be able to play like a rock when the game is ultra loose, and you must be able to play ABC poker against bad zynga poker players. The bright side is you’ll have your image to play off of. So even when I’m playing ABC poker my image says I’m quite capable of bluffing in odd spots, thus why occasionally I’ll get called down by bottom pair. It’s all about understanding how you are perceived and the situations that are presenting themselves. Take mental notes on the conversations at hand when you are involved in a pot, and use that to get into the minds of your opponents. If you know what they are going to do before they do it how could they possibly outplay you and steal your zynga poker chips.

Controlling Pots:

I just want to talk briefly about controlling pots and opponents. To simplify things we’ll call it long ball vs. small ball. Now image is incredibly crucial to this aspect of zynga poker as certain images present difficulty one way or another. Rocks have a tough time playing long ball, while maniacs tend to have it tough keeping pots small. However, regardless of your image it is possible to incorporate each in your repertoire. Take control of the action, if you dictate the betting size or if there is a bet at all then you control not only the size of the pot of zynga chips, but also the action of your opponents, which will force them to make mistakes.

A couple of plays I particularly like to employ are both position plays. If I have top pair with an okay kicker in a heads up pot, and my opponent has been controlling the action so far I like to just call the flop. Should he bet again on the turn, I will make a small raise so that he will more than likely check to me on the river, giving me the option to check down what I uncertainly think is the best hand. This raise serves two purposes: One, you gain value for a mediocre hand without having to put a bet in on the river in a spot where you’re unclear if you have the best hand or not, and two, if you are beaten, your opponent will let you know it immediately on the turn or he’ll check down the winner on the river rather than value bet you. Small raises of zynga poker chips scream strength and barring him having a monster you are going to get the check down you set out to obtain.

The second play is a positional play in a multi-way pot. Say you hold T’9′ in a 4-way pot and the board comes T’9’7′. Action is checked to the 3rd player who makes a stab for half the pot. You make a small raise. Reason here is now the pot odds will be incorrect for any of the upfront players to draw and if they were slow playing a monster you’ll generally see a 3rd bet or a fairly large overcall, screaming strength. In most situations you’re going to get the pot heads up with the original aggressor and you are going to see the river free as the turn action will surely go check-check. Now the pot is still relatively small and calling a river bet will be very manageable even with such a scary board. Taking control of the pot and controlling your opponents’ action will lead them to make mistakes; saving/earning you extra profit throughout the night.