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Where to play Zynga Poker

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Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is the worlds largest multiplayer poker game. Players will find fast paced & stimulating game play at virtual tables where they can connect with friends, family members, or millions of strangers half way around the globe. Players can create their very own profiles that can be customized and add photos in order to personalize their experience. There is never a wait to play Zynga poker and you can be seated and playing with zynga poker chips in a matter of seconds after opening the game.

There are a number of ways to get free Zynga poker chips.

There are a number of different ways to play Zynga Poker. Many players ask themselves “where can I play zynga poker?” Most people already know that you can download it from the App Store or Google Play to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet such as an iPad. Zynga poker can also be played on the desktop, the way players did many years ago when the game first came out, prior to the mobile gaming era. Players can log into Zynga Poker on their desktop using either a Facebook account or Zynga ID at Zynga.com

Upon entering the game, Zynga gives all new players $20,000 in virtual zynga poker chips to start off at the small tables. You can also play the daily lucky slots to win up $100,000 more zynga chips. In addition, there are a number of daily challenges that allow players to get tickets in exchange for completing certain game-play based accomplishments such as getting a full house, getting a flush, getting four of a kind, or successfully bluffing other players in the game. These tickets can then be exchanged for varying amounts of zynga poker chips ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of zynga chips.

Playing Zynga Poker is like being in a virtual global casino.

These smaller amounts of zynga chips are usually sufficient for most novice gamers to get started in the game. For those that wish to ratchet up the excitement, Zynga offers larger amounts of zynga poker chips for sale via in game purchases. Instead of hundreds of thousands, this gives players access to hundreds of millions of Zynga poker chips and allows them to play in tables designated only for the skilled high rollers. Players who buy zynga poker chips in the game also get Zynga gold which can be used to bypass rounds in Shoot-Out Tournaments as well as to buy-in in the Power Tournaments. For example, by utilizing 5 Zynga Gold, a player can skip ahead to Round-2 in a Shoot-Out Tournament. Skipping ahead to Round-3 will cost a player 50 Zynga Gold. Casino Gold can also be used to buy premium in-game gifts. These premium gifts are different than regular Zynga poker gifts in that they do not expire and stay in a player’s inventory permanently, making them much more valuable than the usual gifts that expire in days or weeks.

Getting started in Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is as easy as clicking the “Play” button.

If buying zynga poker chips in game is for skilled players, the elite players of Zynga Poker exist on yet another level. These players can usually be found in the top tables where the buy-ins are measured in the billions of zynga poker chips. For this level of game play, elite players turn to websites such as MomsChips in order to buy cheap Zynga poker chips online. These seasoned gamers are generally looking to purchase tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of discount Zynga chips to play in the top level rooms. For them, the exciting game play with other top players cannot be matched by virtual cigars or roses, no matter how permanent.

Where to Buy Zynga Poker Chips

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In the halls of Zynga Poker, just outside the rooms where games battle it out for zynga poker chips, there rages a debate as old as the game itself. Where does a player buy zynga poker chips when his stack runs dry and he wants back in to the high stake games? Does he buy zynga chips from within the game? Does he scrimp and borrow some chips from his friends? Or does he turn to the aftermarket where gamers have been getting chips for the better part of a decade?

Getting zynga chips from friends: You would think that when you’ve fallen on some hard luck in Zynga Texas Holdem that you could reach out to some friends for a quick loan. Surely all those poker buddies that you were laughing it up with at the tables would be willing to help a friend when he’s down and out. You’d be surprised how quickly the room goes silent when you ask someone for a loan of zynga chips. If they have a respectable stack of zynga poker chips, chances are they’ve been hit up by just about every manner of grifter and freeloader from their friend list asking them for free zynga poker chips. By now they probably have a stone cold excuse ready and waiting for anyone who even glances at their chip stack. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask around and see how many of your friends and family are willing to part ways with their precious zynga poker chips. More often than not you’ll get the old disappearing act, and if they are someone you’ve met and befriended at the Zynga poker tables, don’t be surprised if you get unfriended as well..

Buying zynga poker chips in the game: Buying from within the app is the option that a lot of players go with. If you’re looking for a relatively modest amount of zynga poker chips and you have your credit card or other payment method already added to Facebook, you can usually buy chips from within the app itself with just a few clicks. While most transactions go smoothly, it should be noted that some players have reported having to wait 24 hours or more for their purchase to be reviewed before chips were credited to their account  (or ultimately having their order canceled). Most new players end up going this route because the amount of zynga poker chips they need is modest and they have a general lack of understanding about game dynamics.

For those discerning players who have become accustomed to playing the ultra-high stake tables in Zynga Texas Holdem, the chip aftermarket has become the place where they turn to refill their accounts and buy  cheap zynga chips. Those looking for discount zynga poker chips for sale often make their way to this market of sellers after searching on search engines such as Google. Average players may make due with in game purchasing, but elite players who need billions of zynga chips turn to these sellers to refill their accounts. With so many choices for zynga chip sellers though, how can one make a wise choice as to which one to buy from? The best sellers may not always be obvious at first, as it doesn’t take much effort to put up a flashy website and throw up some prices. When you ultimately decide to buy zynga poker chips in the aftermarket, speak with the Live Chat representative of the website you choose and don’t be afraid to ask them questions.  Can you buy zynga poker chips with a credit or debit card? Do they let you buy zynga chips with paypal or bitcoin? How do they deliver your chips to your account? Do they seem professional and knowledgeable? Spend some time digging around and you’ll find the right zynga poker chip seller for you.

How to avoid having your Zynga Poker account banned

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All social games have their  own specific codes of conduct that players must follow in order to maintain safe and civil gaming environments within each respective game. When players step outside of these boundaries, there are usually consequences which can range from temporary bans to permanent account closure. In order to keep game play civil and honest, the makers of Zynga Poker and other Facebook Poker games actively ban players who disrupt the game and have been known to even resort to resetting their zynga poker chips. What can a player do to disrupt the game? For starters they can be abusive towards their fellow players. It’s not uncommon for folks to lose thier tempers while playing, especially after a bad beat where they lost a lot of their zynga poker chips.

Players who use offensive photos as avatars can also receive the ban hammer. Try to avoid using photos to make political or religious statements while playing Zynga poker, as this will inevitably lead to someone being offended who will then report you. Photos of nudity, violence, or sexual acts have also been known to lead to bans.

zynga poker chips banned resetAnother way to get your account banned in Zynga Poker is to try and cheat the system by using hacks or generators, sometimes referred to as zynga poker chips generators or zynga poker cheats and hacks. While these types of programs never work, the game software can still detect players who try to cheat the system and this will lead to a swift banning of a player’s account. Players that try to use cheats to get free zynga poker chips usually end up inadvertently installing viruses on their computer and getting hacked for whatever zynga chips may already be in their accounts.

So now that we know what kind of offenses will get your account banned in zynga poker, lets talk about how to get your account unbanned. First you must contact zynga player support  and follow the steps to create an account. Once you’ve chosen a nickname for your account and created it, you’ll be given the option to choose Zynga Poker from a list of games that you have an issue with. After doing this you’ll be given an option to email support with your issue.

how to get your account unbanned in zynga pokerWhen emailing support, always remember that they probably read thousands of emails from players every day, so the shorter and more concise your description of your issue the quicker they will be able to help you. If you believe you were banned for swearing, they don’t need to know that you fought with your mother and your vehicle broke down on the side of the road or that you got fired for urinating in the coffee pot at work. Keep your email limited to the facts that lead to your account being banned or the loss of your zynga poker chips. If the offense is something relatively minor such as light swearing, chances are your account will be reinstated. More serious offenses such as trying to cheat or use zynga poker hacks will generally lead to a permanent ban. Remember to always read the Zynga Terms of Service before getting yourself in hot water for doing something you didn’t know was against the rules. And always be on your best behavior while playing games on the internet.

Why do players buy Zynga poker chips?

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when should you consider buying zynga poker chips?

Zynga poker chips are one of the most popular virtual game currencies on the planet and are used in Texas Holdem Poker games on Facebook, known by most as Facebook Poker Games. Facebook Poker first hit the scene in 2007, shortly after the creation of the now popular social network Facebook was created. Game companies figured if a Social network like Facebook could become so popular, then why couldn’t games also take advantage of the power of the internet to bring people together. And thus Facebook Poker games and the beloved Zynga poker chips and the like were born.

Zynga poker chips are a fun way to experience online Texas holdem poker gaming. By taking the real money element out of gambling, game companies were able to bring the experience to players of all ages, regardless of where they might live. It’s not uncommon to see players betting their Facebook zynga poker chips against other gamers from Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, or the U.S. all while playing at the very same table. This ability to bring so many different players from different cultures is one of the main reason for the staying power of social games.

buy WSOP poker chips facebookSo how do players in these games get their zynga poker chips or WSOP chips on Facebook? Every player that starts out in the game of Zynga poker is given a nominal amount of free zynga poker chips and from there they choose the path that they will follow. Some players take the few thousand facebook chips they’re given and being the long and arduous grind as they try to increase the size of their stack. Some players are successfull and after weeks or months of play build up their stack of Zynga poker chips enough to buy into the larger tables where highrollers frequent and where most of the real action and fun exists. There’s nothing wrong with the smaller beginner tables per se, but after spending enough time there one realizes they can often be a bit dull.

Players who want to skip these beginner tables and buy-in to the higher action tables will often choose to buy zynga poker chips. Buying Zynga chips allows a player who loves poker but who might not have the kind of free time that is required to amass the necessary chips for the highroller tables to enjoy the game on their own level. Maybe they work a long job or have kids and don’t have 5-6 hours a day to grind away endlessly in the lower tables, but still want to enjoy the 30 minutes or so that they get to play before bed. Buying cheap Zynga poker chips online gives more hardcore poker fans and highrollers the chance to experience the rush of the elite tables, without having to endure the hours of play that is normally needed to get there.

This is where websites that offer Zynga poker chips for sale come in. Sometimes players can’t buy the larger amounts of facebook chips they need in the game. Often times the buy-ins for the top tier Facebook Poker tables can be in the hundreds of millions or even billions of facebook chips. Finding a reliable site offering Zynga poker chips for sale can be a great asset to players who enjoy playing these high tables and offer them the opportunity to buy back in at steep discount.

Does buying chips give players an unfair advantage?

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websites to buy cheap facebook zynga poker chips for sale online using teamviewer


There is a lively discussion that usually takes place at the Texas Holdem Poker tables on Facebook. The discussions are often polite but have been known to take an ugly turn into arguments. At the center of these arguments is the issue of whether players who buy zynga poker chips or WSOP chips have an unfair advtange over those who win their zynga poker chips? Does someone who buyers, for example, 1 billion zynga poker chips and uses it to buy into the larger tables, have an advantage over someone who spent countless hours grinding in the micro games to earn his way up to those same highroller tables? Let us explore some arguments for and against this issue.

Players who claim that those who buy zynga poker chips or WSOP chips have an unfair advantage over those who spend a great deal of their time grinding away at the tables in order to win them. They claim that someone who has bought a billion zynga poker chips and built their stack up to 5 billion chips has less skill than someone who started with 100,000 chips and won all 5 billion on their own. They say that going from 100,000 to 100 million facebook poker chips is, by far, the hardest part of getting to 5 billion and that after winning 100 million chips the rest is easy.

grinding in zynga texas holdem poker gamesWhile it is true that going from 10k chips to 100 million chips is extremely hard, one must also consider the fact that players in the lower stake tables are also not very good and so winning zynga poker chips from them is considerably harder than winning in the higher tables where players are much more skilled. While this certainly isn’t true for all players at the high stake tables, after spending a few hours in the game it’s not hard to see that it seems to be true for most, as simply obtaining and holding on to that many facebook poker chips requires some degress of skill. Anyone who has spent a consirable amount of time grinding for zynga poker chips in the small buy-in tables knows that the players that populate them are generally newer, novice players. They’re quick to go all in with poor cards and most of the time misplay the odds of any given hand.

For this reason, they say, winning zynga poker chips the hard way by grinding at the tables is not actually that hard at all and in fact is only time consuming and you simply wait for a good hand and then press your luck. Those who defend buying cheap zynga poker chips in order to get to the highroller tables say that the real skill is playing at the larger buyin tables because the players there are seasoned, patient, and generally know the odds of the game and winning large stacks of facebook poker chips from them is no easy feat. By the time one wins a billion or more zynga poker chips, they’ve generally run the gamut of texas holdem, seen every hand and played it every which way possible, so the odds of someone playing carelessly at that level are much lower.

The counter argument for this point is that players on the high stake tables also play more “bingo”, which in texas holdem jargon means they are more prone to go all in with their stack of zynga poker chips because doubling ones stack from 100 million zynga chips to 200 million chips seems much more fun than doubling from 10k to 20k chips. So while there might be plenty of highly skilled players at the higher tables, you also have your bingo players who are looking to either rocket their chip count into the billions or hit rock bottom by going all in as soon as they snag a pocket pair.

zynga poker chips banned program

So it seems that the truth lies somewhere in between. Yes, buying cheap zynga poker chips for sale online does allow a player to jump right into the highroller tables where most of the action is, allowing them to win more chips significantly faster. This doesn’t say anything about a particular players skill level, however, and each player in the game is different and may choose to buy zynga chips for varying reasons. Players might choose to get chips for sale online due to having only a limited amount of time to play. Perhaps due to a constrained work schedule they are only able to play for 1 or 2 hours per day at most. Grinding away at the small tables for only 1 or 2 hours a day would take an immense amount of time to reach a stack of zynga poker chips large enough to buy-in to the highest tables.

Instead, these players opt to make the most of their limited free time and buy zynga poker chips online in order to bypass the hundreds of hours of play time they would need to log in order to reach those levels. Can you blame someone who only has a few hours a week to enjoy their favorite poker app for choosing to buy a few billion chips so they can play in the action packed rooms? I think the answer is clear..

When does it make sense to buy chips in Facebook Poker games?

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how to buy zynga poker chips with paypal

Most Facebook Texas Holdem Poker games on are free to play. They give you a certain amount of free WSOP or free zynga poker chips to start while also allowing players to buy facebook poker chips. So why would anyone buy facebook poker chips when they’re given away for free? Well, the amount of zynga chips given to new players is quite small, usually not more than a few thousand chips. This amount is only good for buying into the lowest tier of tables. So what’s wrong with playing in the begginner tables? There’s nothing wrong with getting started in the beginner tables in Facebook Poker, but truth be told, they can be quite dull and are often populated by young kids and folks who barely know how to play the game. The dynamic of the game at these tables can be quite slow, as new players who are still learning the rules of the game miss their turns, time out, talk in chat more than they should, or simply don’t know how to play properly.

buy facebook chips online from websitesBuying Facebook poker chips gives players a chance to skip this type of play and move up to the larger tables where the buy-ins can be anywhere from tens of millions of WSOP chips to billions of zynga poker chips. It’s not that the players at these tables are pros who are capable of robbing your chips, because many of them are simply lucky players who had a good streak and were able to accumulate a lot of zynga poker chips quickly. But at the very least, players at these levels know how to play the game of Texas Holdem Poker. They value their stack of facebook poker chips or zynga poker chips and so they generally better, meaning you don’t have players going all in every hand with horrible cards on the off chance they hit three-of-a-kind or a flush or whatever (this isn’t always the case however).

If this type of gameplay sounds more suited to you, then perhaps buying Facebook poker chips is the way to go. Where can players buy Facebook poker chips? Buying chips in the aftermarket can sometimes be a tricky endeavour since it’s hard to know where to get cheap zynga poker chips for sale. Furthermore, players need to ensure the site they’re dealing with offers secure payment options to keep their personal data safe. Many of the websites offering facebook poker chips for sale are based overseas, so it’s important to find a site with English speaking Live Support to ensure that they can help you through the checkout process and to answer any questions you might have about how to buy facebook poker chips. Having a helpful and friendly Live Support agent is almost important because they must facilitate the transfer of chips to the customer’s account, which is usually a very simple action, but if the player doesn’t know their way around the game or tables can be a little confusing at first.

purchase zynga poker chipsWhether you decide to buy facebook poker chips or not, always remember that using common sense goes a long way. Never buy facebook chips from people who only deal through anonymous messenger services such as ICQ or even Skype. They can take your money and delete their accounts quite easily, only to make new ones the next day and start over again. Some facebook poker chip sellers also spam the chat boxes in Texas Holdem Games with cell phone numbers, asking players to call them to get huge discounts on chips, sometimes many times below the going aftermarket rate for chips. They usually ask players to send them a large sum of money to a foreign country via Western Union or some other type of cash transfer service, only to take the money and disappear with giving the buyer their chips. Be smart and stay safe when buying facebook poker chips.

How to get your hands on free Zynga chips

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how to get free zynga poker chips

Who doesn’t like free chips. Getting your hands on free zynga poker chips or WSOP chips might be harder than finding the Fountain of Youth, but it’s not out of the question and there are a number of ways players in Facebook poker games can get free chips.

free zynga poker chips offersAsk a friend for some free chips: Players generally aren’t willing to part with their hard earned zynga chips easily, so convincing someone to hand over a few million or even hundred million chips is no easy task. A player who has a few billion zynga chips has either had to buy zynga chips or win them through days or even weeks of disciplined play, so why should they share them with you? Well, you can always play on human beings’ selfish tendencies and ask them to stake you. For example, if they were to loan you 1 billion chips, you can promise to pay them back 10 billion next week if you are able to win consistently. To someone with a large stack of chips, 1 billion might not be a significant amount, but the idea of getting back 10x what they invested might just convince them to do it.


Participate in daily promotions, giveaways and freerolls: One of the easiest ways to get some free zynga poker chips is to take part in the daily promotions such as free rolls that give players the chance to win anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred million chips (though the odds of winning hundreds of million are very low). Though this won’t likely get you the hundreds of millions or billions that you’re after, they’re free nonetheless and it only takes a few seconds of your time each day. Players in Zynga Poker should also keep their eyes peeled for daily free zynga poker chip giveaways on Zynga’s official Fan Page on Facebook.

free zynga poker chips generatorAnd finally, you can beg your friends and family members for free chips: When all hope is lost and you’ve exhausted every option possible for getting some free zynga chips and you’ve come away with nothing, it’s time to swallow your pride, admit defeat and go begging with your hat in your hand. Nothing is as humbling as groveling and trying to hit up friends and family members for free zynga chips. Perhaps you can call up old favors from years past, like the time you cleaned your uncle’s gutters or shaved your grandma’s legs for her.

Seven traits that will bankrupt you in Zynga Poker

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buy cheap zynga poker chips via paypal

As with most aspects of life, the majority of people tend to shy away from taking responsibility for their mistakes. Burn down your house? It’s the toasters fault. Crash your car? A dog ran across the road officer. Lose your job? Bankrupt a company? Cheat on your wife? “It’s not my fault!”

It would seem that the same thing applies to Facebook Texas Holdem poker, no one likes to admit when they’re a bad player, so if they lose all their zynga poker chips and/or WSOP chips, it’s generally someone else’s fault.. so they say. They’ll blame it on other players, their internet connection, horrible luck, the alignment of the stars – anything to avoid having to admit that they might have played poorly or made a bad decision. Here are a few qualities of exceptionally bad poker players  which might be why they need to buy more zynga poker chips.

1) You hate math – At its most fundamental level, Facebook poker is a game all about numbers. What are your pot odds? How many outs do you have? What percentage of the pot of zynga poker chips should you raise when you have a good hand? These can all be answered with even the most basic level of statistical and mathematical knowledge, no more complicated than what you might learn in the 10th grade. But most people just refuse to use it, either from an inability to understand it or mental laziness. You don’t have to be a math genius to figure out that if you have a pocket pair you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting three of a kind on the flop. Knowing this would help you decide how many zynga poker chips to bet instead of just making blind raises.

2) You have zero discipline – Ask any of the pros in poker what they believe their best quality to be and most of them will tell you it’s discipline. Anyone can read a book about poker or watch the WSOP tournaments on television, but it takes strict discipline to win consistently at Facebook poker. If you can’t be disciplined at the poker tables, you’re susceptible to spells of boredom that will cause you to call when you should fold, raise when you should check, etc. Without discipline any bad beat can easily put you on tilt and make you lose all your zynga poker chips or Facebook poker chips.

buy zynga poker chips with paypal online instant delivery3) You’re shortsighted – No I don’t mean you wear glasses or have contacts, but rather you can’t see the forest for the trees. In other words, you don’t plan for the long term. You may be great for those first 1000 hands of poker and maybe you can even win yourself a nice stack of zynga poker chips to make you look like a big shot. But what good is working for all those chips if you always sit at a table with your whole stack? You might convince yourself that you’d never go all in unless you have a royal flush, but emotions always tend to make people do illogical things at inopportune times. You may think you have the perfect hand and someone else’s “more perfect” hand will knock you right on your ass. If you didn’t plan for the future and keep some chips on the side you are now broke and out of the game. Always keep some chips aside for a rainy day. Otherwise you’ll find yourself constantly scrambling to buy some more chips for zynga texas holdem poker.

4)  You’re emotionally imbalanced -This one is pretty straightforward to understand. If you’re a little on the crazy side, if you’re prone to emotional outbursts, or have an overall dramatic personality, poker may not be the game for you. If you’re an emotional wreck in real life chances are you will carry this over to the Facebook poker table. You won’t be able to recognize when you’ve starting tilting and playing angry and you certainly won’t know when to stand up and walk away from the game and take a breather. Emotional players tend to play with an all or nothing mentality, for example “I’m either gonna win back all my zynga chips or go broke”. Remember: emotions and poker don’t mix.

5) You can’t stand losing – This ties in with being emotionally imbalanced but it’s a very big factor of being a bad Facebook poker player. If you feel that losing a hand is an insult to your ego or manhood or pride, then you should try playing shuffleboard instead. Losing is as much a part of poker as death is a part of life, it’s inevitable and it eventually happens to everyone, get used to it.

6) You need to see instant results – Patience is another quality bad Facebook Texas holdem poker players lack. If they sit at a table and don’t flop a straight within 20 hands they start cursing their luck or going on about what a terrible night it is. If this sounds like you, then you might be a bad Facebook poker player. You’d be better off renting a movie and cooling off a bit.

buy zynga poker chips mobile delivery7) You hate chance – This is an important one, because lets face it, no matter how good you are or how many hands you’ve played or how many zynga poker chips you’ve won, at the end of the day chance and luck rule the field, especially in the short term. Are the players who win the world series of poker tournaments in Las Vegas the best players in the world? Of course not, but they’re all great players who happened to find a streak of luck and were able to use their skills to take advantage of that streak and make it to the top. Maybe the players who lost even played better than them and by all logical conclusions should have won, but logic and poker don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes the donkey who calls with nothing will beat your flopped straight because he caught the flush on the river and ended up winning all your zynga poker chips.

If any of these sound too familiar and you’re starting to think I might be talking about you, then maybe it’s time you starting taking the time to improve or change your playing style in order to start building back your stack of zynga chips.

The unstoppable success of Facebook Poker games

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facebook games such as zynga poker and wsop

The average poker players would be surprised to learn about the huge numbers of players playing Facebook texas holdem poker online every day on Social Networks across the globe in brands such as WSOP, Zynga Poker, Big Fish Casino and many more. Most real money online poker sites could only dream about having so many players at their tables. More than 12 million poker fanatics play consistently on Facebook. Think that is amazing? Around 200,000 people are playing at any single time. Not only that, they’re actually buying fake, or play chips order to crush the competition. But what’s the goal? It is to be the best, of course; to eventually win enough facebook poker chips, zynga poker chips, or WSOP chips to best all of their friends, family, coworkers or even total strangers..

In case youre wondering why so many people are investing real money in return for WSOP or zynga poker chips, be aware that its Facebook after all. Its a social site where you stay in touch with friends and family. So, it may be out of sheer boredom, or just the love of poker that draws so many people into such a money sink. Maybe its even the fact these fake zynga poker chips are way cheaper, and are less of a liability, than real cash chips. Some people love poker, but they cant, or dont, want to risk losing massive amounts of money.

facebook poker games on facebook

Another big draw of Facebook Texas Holdem Poker is the nightly cash games, very similar to those you would have in real life at each others houses. Whats great is you dont even have to leave your house (or get dressed, for that matter.) No wasted gas driving over to play a card game. You also have the chance to meet new people, in turn gaining new contacts. While not having exactly the same feel as playing cards with the guys kicking back some beers or what not it does act as an adequate substitute that assures a simple cure for boredom.

After adding Facebook poker to your account, you start off with a bankroll of zynga poker chips or facebook poker chips given to you. You either build upon it, or lose it. If you do bust out, you have a few choices. Theres an option to for real money, and theres the option of either waiting it out in which Facebook replenishes your facebook chips stock slowly on a daily basis or signing up for special offers, in which you’ll gain chips by installing different Facebook applications. But no matter what you choose, its about as profitable as playing solitaire. Read more on winning more zynga poker chips by betting big.

where can you buy zynga chips with a credit card fast deliveryFacebook poker games such as Zynga Texas Holdem can be incredibly easy for beginners. They don’t have to suffer the heartache of losing an untold amount of hard earned cash on their first excursion into the world of poker. Its like a fish tank in which they can hone their skills before diving into the shark infested waters of real cash games. And the best part, they can do it with the support of their friends and family online as they play side by side in the rooms. Anxiety free poker is wonderful when you’re only playing with Facebook poker chips.

Games like WSOP and Zynga Poker are here to stay. Its a risk free investment of time that wont have you attempting to explain to your loved one why you lost this months rent. This playground for beginners can also build a foundation for a possible poker career. People can test the waters and decide if they like the game or not. If nothing else, its a great way to stay in touch with old friends while also occupying the mind.

Do you play Texas Hold’em like a Donkey?

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There’s a poker donkey at almost every table of Texas Holdem. If you can’t spot the donkey at your table chances are it’s you.  How can you recognize a donkey? They have certain traits and characteristics that only a poker donkey would have. For example: the Ace – King all in is a classic zynga poker donkey move, but they also have other popular moves that will help you pick them out in the crowd. If any of these seem familiar to you because they’re part of your playing style, you might be a zynga poker donkey:

They chase anything and everything. When they get 7 – 2 offsuit, the first thing that comes to their mind is “I should fold this…but what if 7 – 7 – 2 comes on the flop? The zynga poker donkey is the eternal optimist, unable and unwilling to put down any cards because of the 3% chance that he might land a huge hand on the flop and is eager to push his zynga poker chips into the pot.
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They were born to call. Did someone who has been raising the entire hand just go all in with their facebook poker chipsafter the river? They probably have a very strong hand, but what the hell right? Call their bet and show ’em whose boss with your monster pocket pair! A donkey will call just about every raise of zynga poker chips if there is the smallest chance that they might hit their flush or straight, however slim the chances. Donkeys love the excitement of being “in the pot” and to them poker is more of adrenaline rush then a game of skill and discipline.

use a debit card to buy chips for zynga poker Donkeys just love to bluff with poor cards. The poker donkey is a master of  bad bluffing. The worse their hand is, the more they feel the need to bluff with huge raises of zynga chips. They watched a video somewhere on youtube about how to bluff in texas holdem and they believe they’ve mastered the most difficult maneuver in poker. This particular breed of donkey can be distinguished by their nervous “chatter” in the chat right after they go all in or raise big. Something along the lines of “I dare you to call, lol.” They’ll be in line to buy chips for Zynga poker again soon enough.

They’re always begging for zynga poker chips. This is perhaps the most telling and obvious characteristic of the poker donkey. No matter how hot of a lucky streak a donkey might catch, in the end the odds always catch up with them and they lose all their zynga poker chips. Thats when they start out on their quest of panhandling from room to room telling all their friends about how they almost won a monster pot of zynga poker chips but instead lost all their chips, and if they could just loan them a few million they will get paid back right away.  Yeah..sure thing donkey, just let me finish this hand.