Coming back to the tables after a big loss

Coming back to the tables after a big loss

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Losing one’s zynga poker chips is something that inevitably happens to even the best players in Texas Holdem games. Whether you lost your zynga chips to a bad beat or simply made the wrong call at the wrong time, the fact is that even world class players such as Phil Ivey or Patrik Antonius have had great hands busted at the tables due to run of the mill bad luck. While losing your zynga chips may be part of the game of poker, the long road back to building up your stack doesn’t always have to be. After a harrowing loss that leaves a player with barely enough zynga poker chips to cover a big blind, they’re generally left with few options to get back in to the game.

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If they have enough friends playing the game of zynga Texas Holdem on Facebook, they can try to bum a few million zynga poker chips off them. This generally requires a player swallowing his or her pride and going hat in hand panhandling in the hope that a friend or family member will take pity on their situation and give them some free zynga poker chips. While this strategy sometimes works out, it generally yields very little in the way of chips as most players tend to be quite stingy with their hard earned chips and look down on what they see as ‘freeloaders’ begging for chips that they put the time in to win.

Another method that players often try when trying to replenish their stack of zynga chips for Facebook is to seek out and try their luck with zynga Poker cheats or hacks that they think will give them free chips. While some of these types of cheats were known to work in the early days of games such as Zynga or zynga poker, game developers have since patched them and secure their games so that cheats or hacks no longer work. Nonetheless, some players will still try to use them and usually end up having their accounts banned or hacked in the process. Word to the wise: avoid cheats and hacks – they don’t work, period.

weighing the options of buying zynga chipsFinally, a player is left with the option to buy zynga Poker Chips to get back in the game. While this method is often the quickest and most direct route to hopping back into the action at the tables, in game prices for any significant amount of zynga chips can be astronomical. Because of this, high rollers have often turned to the aftermarket and independent chip sellers as a way to replenish their stacks quickly and buy large amounts of zynga poker chips for Facebook. Finding a reputable site that offers cheap zynga Poker Chips for sale usually only takes a few minutes of research on Google and can often save players anywhere from 50-75% off in game prices, allowing them to buy much larger amounts and skip the long, slow grind that is needed to build back one’s stack after a bad beat.


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