Does playing with zynga poker chips improve intelligence?

Does playing with zynga poker chips improve intelligence?

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This concept might baffle few soccer moms that have spent many hours nagging their teenagers to get off the computer and stop playing games like zynga poker, but is it possible these online games and specifically ones that involve zynga poker chips are making them smarter? The long time misconception of computer games being strictly for entertainment purposes and seen by some as a waste of time would greatly be proven false if this were true. So in turn should we be actually pushing adults and kids to be glued to a computer game for the sole purpose of making them geniuses?where to get free zynga poker chips

In studies done by a professor of University of Geneva, Dr. Daphne Bavelier, she has demonstrated the opposite of the usual negative connotation associated with online games. In fact, she argues the contrary that those who play computer games have increased the human brain function. The neuroscientist studied reaction times with those playing computer games, showing a quicker reaction time and focus ability for those who play computer games such as zynga texas holdem poker. There have been a multitude of new studies showing playing strategic games have a variety of benefits on cognitive development. Wouldn’t it be something if winning all those facebook poker chips and zynga poker chips was actually improving brain function?

Scientific examinations of the human brain also indicate the areas of the brain that become enhanced for gamers. There are 3 specific areas affected, which include the temporal, parietal, and frontal lobes. The parietal is responsible for focus and orienting a person’s attention. The frontal lobe is responsible for memory functions and maintaining attention span. The anterior cingulate is the problem solving portion of the brain. These areas of the brain were specifically shown to have increased in productivity and function. The gamers playing with zynga poker chips showed a increased abilities at resolving details and increased capacity of memory as well. Throwing in the online game format, the game becomes further interactive and beneficial. The study focused on online games such as facebook texas holdem poker, as well as other strategy games.

how to buy cheap zynga poker chips with paypal or credit cardThese findings put a damper on all the accusations against computer and online games being violent or deteriorating to the brain. Some games mentioned to have a greater effect on the brain include action scenario games like Call of Duty and strategy based games, like Facebook poker. Facebook poker has been studied to have potential to benefit brain function in a vast amount of ways. Poker in general requires skill, strategy, use of memory, planning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The same holds true for gamers who play facebook poker with the goal of accumulating as many zynga poker chips as possible. In addition, the average gamer, being 33 years old, actually has better vision than non-gamers. The old wives tale of computer use making your vision worse seems to be a false assumption.

Eye exams show gamers’ vision to be far better than the average population. These findings take a sharp turn for the conception of online gamers. Rather than stigmatizing those who play computer games and online games such as those involving zynga poker chips or even pokerist poker chips, experts are looking into ways to get individuals of all ages playing computer games. The effects can help development of young children and help maintain brain capacity will the elderly. In Alzheimer patients, this type of gaming therapy could potentially slow the progress of the disease or prevent it all together. The possibilities of our brain and its development are endless, and amazingly computer games can help us achieve even further. Interested in exploring this further for yourself? Go grab a few million zynga poker chips and see if you feel smarter after playing for an hour.


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