How to avoid having your Zynga Poker account banned

How to avoid having your Zynga Poker account banned

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All social games have their¬† own specific codes of conduct that players must follow in order to maintain safe and civil gaming environments within each respective game. When players step outside of these boundaries, there are usually consequences which can range from temporary bans to permanent account closure. In order to keep game play civil and honest, the makers of Zynga Poker and other Facebook Poker games actively ban players who disrupt the game and have been known to even resort to resetting their zynga poker chips. What can a player do to disrupt the game? For starters they can be abusive towards their fellow players. It’s not uncommon for folks to lose thier tempers while playing, especially after a bad beat where they lost a lot of their zynga poker chips.

Players who use offensive photos as avatars can also receive the ban hammer. Try to avoid using photos to make political or religious statements while playing Zynga poker, as this will inevitably lead to someone being offended who will then report you. Photos of nudity, violence, or sexual acts have also been known to lead to bans.

zynga poker chips banned resetAnother way to get your account banned in Zynga Poker is to try and cheat the system by using hacks or generators, sometimes referred to as zynga poker chips generators or zynga poker cheats and hacks. While these types of programs never work, the game software can still detect players who try to cheat the system and this will lead to a swift banning of a player’s account. Players that try to use cheats to get free zynga poker chips usually end up inadvertently installing viruses on their computer and getting hacked for whatever zynga chips may already be in their accounts.

So now that we know what kind of offenses will get your account banned in zynga poker, lets talk about how to get your account unbanned. First you must contact zynga player support ¬†and follow the steps to create an account. Once you’ve chosen a nickname for your account and created it, you’ll be given the option to choose Zynga Poker from a list of games that you have an issue with. After doing this you’ll be given an option to email support with your issue.

how to get your account unbanned in zynga pokerWhen emailing support, always remember that they probably read thousands of emails from players every day, so the shorter and more concise your description of your issue the quicker they will be able to help you. If you believe you were banned for swearing, they don’t need to know that you fought with your mother and your vehicle broke down on the side of the road or that you got fired for urinating in the coffee pot at work. Keep your email limited to the facts that lead to your account being banned or the loss of your zynga poker chips. If the offense is something relatively minor such as light swearing, chances are your account will be reinstated. More serious offenses such as trying to cheat or use zynga poker hacks will generally lead to a permanent ban. Remember to always read the Zynga Terms of Service before getting yourself in hot water for doing something you didn’t know was against the rules. And always be on your best behavior while playing games on the internet.


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