How to buy Facebook poker chips online

how to buy facebook poker chips

So you had some bad luck at the poker tables and lost your Facebook poker chips. You want to get back in the game but you quickly realize that you need a rather large amount of Facebook chips to re-buy at the high stakes tables you were playing at. You’ve exhausted all other options such as asking your friends or family members for some free Facebook poker chips and now you have nowhere else to turn. Or do you?

MomsChips offers Facebook poker players the ability to buy cheap Facebook poker chips for online texas holdem poker games. Players can buy facebook poker chips from MomsChips with their credit card and a few clicks of the mouse. The checkout process is quick, secure and smooth and after selecting the desired amount of chips and completing payment, players can pick up their facebook poker chips within minutes by speaking to Live Support and arranging transfer at the tables. Orders for facebook chips are processed via a secure 128 bit SSL connection, ensuring the customer’s sensative information is seen only by them during the checkout process.

A benefit to buying cheap facebook poker chips is that players have the ability to recover quickly after a humiliating loss at the texas holdem poker tables. Even the best of players stumble on a bad beat every now and then regardless of their skill, patience or discipline and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s easy to go from having a stack of hundreds of millions or even billion of facebook chips to having only a few thousand within a few bad hands. Once a players’ stack of chips is exchausted their only options are to either beg their friends for free facebook poker chips, search the internet for poker cheats which never work and always contain some kind of virus, or they can buy cheap facebook poker chips from websites online.

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After a player decides they want to buy chips for Facebook poker they’re faced with the task of finding a reputable and safe website that will sell facebook poker chips at a discount. MomsChips has the cheapest prices for facebook poker chips on the internet and will generally match or beat any other facebook chips sellers’ prices. Players looking for information about how to buy chips for Facebook poker and the actual process itself will find detailed instructions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Upon completion of an order, buyers will receive an order number and an email detailing the amount of chips that they’ve just purchased. They can then click on our Live Support which is available during our Online Hours and they will be instructed on how their facebook chips will be transferred to them at the tables. Buying cheap facebook poker chips is a relatively easy process and usually takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes from placing the order until chips are received. MomsChips also offers alternate payment methods such as MoneyGram, Western Union, MoneyPak or payment via Bitcoin.