Is it possible to cheat in Zynga Texas Holdem Poker?

Is it possible to cheat in Zynga Texas Holdem Poker?

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In the 1820s in New Orleans, Louisiana, sailors invented a game similar to poker in which a player bets that the value of his or her hand is higher than the value of the hands held by other players. About 10 minutes later, on par with human nature, cheating in poker was invented.zynga poker cheats

Cheating in poker is as old as the game itself and we get asked all the time by players in Zynga Texas Holdem Poker games whether or not there are any zynga poker cheats or zynga poker hacks that they can use to give themselves an edge in the game against their fellow players. While cheating in real life involves slight of hand, marking the cards or collusion, cheating in online zynga poker games usually involves some sort of trainer, generator or other program that edits the values of the game client responsible for keeping track of your stack of zynga poker chips.

During the early days of Zynga poker games back in 2007 when the programs were brand new and programmers and coders were still working out the kinks, there existed certain programs which were able to double your zynga poker chips, give extra bonuses or generate free zynga poker chips for players. But games have a come a long way since then. Today’s games are seasoned, well built and stable applications and no longer susceptible to zynga poker cheat codes, cheat engines, or Facebook poker chips generators.

Despite this, thousands of players still search for these cheats and hacks every single day on places like youtube, google, facebook, and gaming forums. Hackers have taken advantage of this fact and begun hiding trojans and viruses inside non-working programs and advertising them all over these places where players congregate. Sometimes they’ll use clever program names such as the ones below:zynga poker chips generator

Zynga poker players should avoid these programs at all costs. Once downloaded and installed, these programs are capable of harvesting not only passwords for Facebook but for any other websites used on that computer through the use of keyword loggers. Some cheat programs even take over an entire computer system, adding that computer to their army of automated bots which they use for other malicious and illegal tasks. Instead of some free chips for zynga poker, players end up with a hacked Facebook or bank account.

If you want to increase your stack of zynga chips there’s only two ways to do it: buy zynga poker chips or polish your skills and win them the old fashioned way. Don’t let some shady hacker living in his mother’s basement get the best of you and steal your zynga poker chips.

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