How to get your hands on free Zynga chips

How to get your hands on free Zynga chips

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how to get free zynga poker chips

Who doesn’t like free chips. Getting your hands on free zynga poker chips or WSOP chips might be harder than finding the Fountain of Youth, but it’s not out of the question and there are a number of ways players in Facebook poker games can get free chips.

free zynga poker chips offersAsk a friend for some free chips: Players generally aren’t willing to part with their hard earned zynga chips easily, so convincing someone to hand over a few million or even hundred million chips is no easy task. A player who has a few billion zynga chips has either had to buy zynga chips or win them through days or even weeks of disciplined play, so why should they share them with you? Well, you can always play on human beings’ selfish tendencies and ask them to stake you. For example, if they were to loan you 1 billion chips, you can promise to pay them back 10 billion next week if you are able to win consistently. To someone with a large stack of chips, 1 billion might not be a significant amount, but the idea of getting back 10x what they invested might just convince them to do it.


Participate in daily promotions, giveaways and freerolls: One of the easiest ways to get some free zynga poker chips is to take part in the daily promotions such as free rolls that give players the chance to win anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred million chips (though the odds of winning hundreds of million are very low). Though this won’t likely get you the hundreds of millions or billions that you’re after, they’re free nonetheless and it only takes a few seconds of your time each day. Players in Zynga Poker should also keep their eyes peeled for daily free zynga poker chip giveaways on Zynga’s official Fan Page on Facebook.

free zynga poker chips generatorAnd finally, you can beg your friends and family members for free chips: When all hope is lost and you’ve exhausted every option possible for getting some free zynga chips and you’ve come away with nothing, it’s time to swallow your pride, admit defeat and go begging with your hat in your hand. Nothing is as humbling as groveling and trying to hit up friends and family members for free zynga chips. Perhaps you can call up old favors from years past, like the time you cleaned your uncle’s gutters or shaved your grandma’s legs for her.


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