How to Protect your Chips

how to protect your zynga poker chips

Protecting your Zynga Poker Chips from Hackers

1) Never click on strange links in messages sent to your Facebook inbox from people you don’t know. More often than not, these can be scams designed to trick you into logging into fake “phishing” websites so hackers can steal your Zynga poker chips or any other Texas Holdem Game you may be fond of playing on Facebook. The senders will often use official looking photos with the logos of Facebook or the game developers to fool people into thinking the messages are legitimate. Usually they will claim that you violated the rules and in order to keep your account open you must follow the link they provide, which leads to a fake website that steals your login information.

2) Never add strangers onto Skype or other instant messaging networks who give their address out in the chat. Some of them may just want free Zynga poker chips, but many times they are clever hackers who will try to get you to download a virus infected file or photo in order to gain access to your computer.

3) Beware of scammers advertising Zynga poker chips for sale in the game chat at too good to be true prices. Most of the time they will take your money and disappear with no intention of ever giving you any chips.

4) Think twice before sharing your password with anyone, even with friends or family. We’ve heard from more than few people who thought they had their account hacked only to find out later that a sibling, parent, friend or even their grandma snuck into their account and took their Zynga poker chips just so they could play!

5) Never download programs or files that claim to be hacks or cheats for Zynga Poker games. Game developers have worked tirelessly to make these games quite secure and there is virtually no chance of hacks or exploits existing anymore to circumvent their security.

Many years ago when social poker games first hit the scene they were riddled with flash glitches and bugs that a few clever players figured out how to take advantage of, but since then Facebook Poker game developers and programmers have spent a lot of time building and securing their applications against such exploits. Due to the hard work of game developers, today there are no known applications or programs that will allow a player to cheat in Zynga poker games.

Although no such cheats or programs exist and because players are still constantly searching for them, devious hackers have taken advantage of the situation and began advertising such “Zynga cheat programs” all over YouTube and Google. In reality these are virus programs that allow the hacker to gain access to not only a player’s poker account to steal their zynga chips, but also to their Facebook account and in many cases to their computer which may have sensitive personal and financial information stored on it.

They rename these programs popular names such as Zynga poker cheats, zynga poker chips generators, how to get free zynga chips, zynga poker cheat codes, WSOP cheat codes and many more.. Other times they disguise their viruses as poker bot software, promising the person who downloads and installs it a chance to win billions of chips on auto pilot. In reality, the only person “winning” anything is the hacker who tricked you into installing his virus and stole your log-in information. Be smart and avoid these types of scams and keep your zynga poker chips safe from hackers.