How to win zynga poker chips by betting with big hands

How to win zynga poker chips by betting with big hands

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how to handle yourself in zynga poker tournaments

You’ve raised a whole lotta zynga poker chips pre-flop with your pocket kings as you were instructed to by every poker book you’ve ever read. The field has been narrowed to yourself and two opponents, and the three of you look at a flop of K – Q – 4. You are first to act. What do you do?

This is a situation where 95% of the zynga poker players in the world check quickly, and that is by no means a bad play. You have the nuts, and because it is the top set, it is very unlikely someone else in the hand has hit the flop very hard. You can give a free card here without taking too much risk, hoping that your opponents will pick up something on the turn or sense weakness in you and bet their zynga poker chips. It’s a decent play that many zynga poker players make, but therein lies the problem. Almost every zynga poker player, regardless of skill level, has fallen in love with slow-playing made hands on the flop and it is costing them millions of zynga poker chips in my opinion.


Most solid, aggressive zynga poker players follow up their pre-flop raises with a bet on the flop, regardless of how hard they have hit or missed it. This is known as a continuation bet, and it keeps opponents guessing as to the strength of your hand. Making this bet of zynga chips on a regular basis will also make it more likely they will play back at you with less then stellar cards, knowing that you can’t always “have it”. In many instances, you are going to get raised after you miss. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It means the other players have grown distrustful of you, and know you can’t have it all the time. Before long, they will start taking stands with weak pairs or draws. I feel absolutely no shame in giving up a pot after I have missed the flop, because now I am setting myself up to take down a big pot of zynga poker chips when I hit.

betting a big hand with your zynga poker chips

In zynga texas holdem poker, I live by the credo, “Always have a purpose for anything and everything that you do”, and folding is no different. Most of the time your purpose for folding is because you feel you do not have the best hand and cannot win the pot by betting, however, sometimes there is more to it. Aggressive players are often the most successful at NL because their opponents try to catch them in bluffs and make stands with marginal cards. By betting out with Ace-King and then folding to a raise on a queen-high board, I am letting the other players know that I am very capable of making continuation bets with nothing. This increases the likelihood of getting called or raised when you bet out. Now you are able to use this to your advantage by betting out with your big hands. The example I am using is from a $2/$4 NL game online. We had been playing 3-handed for about 15 minutes or so, and I had already established an aggressive image. I was raising a lot and following up every raise with at least one continuation bet with my zynga chips. The other players were mostly folding, but they had begun to call me rather quickly with middle and even bottom pair. I had even been raised a few times. Luckily for me, the following situation came up at the perfect time.

I had the button and almost $450 million zynga poker chips. The small blind had only $120 million or so, and the big blind had around $400 million. I picked the 8 T, and given my position raised it up to $12 million zynga chips. The small blind folds and the big blind called. The flop came down 8 4 8, and my opponent checked to me. I raised with a trash hand, got called, and flopped trips. Why in the world would I check here? Sure, maybe I can hope an Ace hits the turn and I get a bet or two out of him and make some profit, but this guy has some zynga poker chips in front of him and I want them all. I will bet out here every time and risk having him fold, for that one time he plays back at me.

I bet almost the pot ($20 million) as I have been doing every hand in which I have raised. He can’t think I have hit any piece of that flop, and he obviously doesn’t when he raises me to $45 million zynga chips. With this raise, I feel like he’s telling me that he has a 4 and that I should fold my high cards. Because the raise is not substantial, it is very easy to play the part of Ace-King or a flush draw here and make a crying call, hoping I will hit the turn. In reality I am praying for an off-suit deuce. My prayers are answered as the board reads 8 4 8 2 on the turn. With $116 million zynga poker chips in the pot, my opponent now bets out $80 million.

The turn was a perfect card for me, because he can’t assume it could possibly have helped me. Based on how the action has gone down, I am putting him on any 4 or a small pocket pair. There is also the possibility that he too has an 8, but in a three handed game, I’m not laying my hand down at this point. After his bet the big blind has left himself with roughly $250 million. I am almost certain he will put in all of his zynga poker chips in this spot, but to be sure I have to sell it. I take about 15 seconds or so before making it $200 million zynga texas holdem poker chips to go, essentially putting him to a decision for all his chips. In his mind, each second that passes after he bets $80 million assures him that he has the best hand, however marginal it may be. He does not want a call here because he has to assume that I have big cards, possibly with a flush draw, of which there are two after the turn. After I raise, he takes a few seconds and then throws in his last $50 mil. If I was at all scared about him having an 8, the 10 on the river eases my fears. But he shows me 5 5 and I bust him.

Looking back on the hand, I don’t believe there were too many other ways to get all the zynga poker chips in. If I check the flop, I can still get a turn and river bet out him, but it is very unlikely that I can get all his chips. The minute I check the flop behind him and then bet or raise on the turn, warning sirens go off in his head and he is only calling my bets, possibly folding. Betting out is the only way to get it all, and I will risk only winning a few bucks in that spot every time in the hopes of the big pay off. It is the same principal with betting out when you flop a set, straight, flush, or two pair. Many times everyone will fold and you will curse yourself for chasing your opponents out of the pot, but the hands in which they play back at you will far outweigh the pots you take down by slow-playing. Even if you just get called on the flop, it allows you to show weakness by checking the turn, letting them know you are essentially giving up on the pot. You can then make substantial check-raises on the turn or river, building pots in which you are most likely far ahead.

In no-limit hold-em, big hands are what you dream about. They allow you to play your opponent without worrying about what you have. The only question you should be asking yourself is, “What can I do to get the most facebook poker chipsĀ possible in the middle?” Otherwise you’ll be join the other players busting their stack and lining up to buy more zynga poker chips.


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