Frequently Asked Questions

MomsChips has been serving the Facebook Poker gaming community for over a decade since 2009. We strive to provide players in Facebook Poker games with the lowest prices on zynga poker chips. Whether you had a bad beat, hit a streak of bad luck, or simply want to buy zynga poker chips to play at the highroller tables, MomsChips always delivers quickly so you can get back in the game fast.

How do I pay for my zynga chips?

Customers can buy zynga poker chips using a variety of different payment options including their Credit & Debit Cards or Bitcoin. Speak to us on our friendly Live Chat to discuss more payment options.

Do you price match other sites selling zynga poker chips?

While we strive to provide our customers with excellent service & competitive prices on zynga chips, due to some competitors in the market selling hacked or stolen zynga poker chips at lower prices, we can no longer price match other websites. Purchasing hacked or stolen zynga poker chips will always lead to your account being permanently banned and/or your chips being reset.

When can I get my zynga chips?

We are online every day from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Eastern “New York” Time) weekdays and weekends. During times of very high demand we may sell out of zynga poker chips and close early. If our Live Chat is “offline” during our usual delivery hours then this is likely the case and we will back online the next day with more chips to fill orders.

How will you deliver the zynga chips to my account?

MomsChips is now giving players more options than ever when it comes to taking delivery of their zynga poker chips. Customers can choose to have us load their Facebook accounts with the chips they purchase. This option is the quickest, requires the least hassle, and is recommended especially when players don’t have many zynga chips left in their account at the time of delivery. We use a proprietary automated transfer system that loads the chips into your account within minutes after completing payment.

We understand that some customer might be apprehensive about allowing  access their Facebook account, but because it is the safest and fastest method of transfer, we encourage you to choose this option. Alternatively, zynga chips can also be loaded in to a second Facebook created solely for playing poker. MomsChips never stores any customer account information and please be sure to change all passwords after your transfer is completed. If you have any questions about the transfer process or payment options, speak to us on Live Chat during our online hours and we would be happy to answer them.

If you don’t wish to give us access to your Facebook account, you can still  have your zynga poker chips delivered. Speak to us on chat for more information.

Can you load zynga chips in to my account if I’m on a tablet or phone?

Yes, we can load your zynga chips into your account regardless of what device you are using.