Where to Buy Zynga Poker Chips

Where to Buy Zynga Poker Chips

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In the halls of Zynga Poker, just outside the rooms where games battle it out for zynga poker chips, there rages a debate as old as the game itself. Where does a player buy zynga poker chips when his stack runs dry and he wants back in to the high stake games? Does he buy zynga chips from within the game? Does he scrimp and borrow some chips from his friends? Or does he turn to the aftermarket where gamers have been getting chips for the better part of a decade?

Getting zynga chips from friends: You would think that when you’ve fallen on some hard luck in Zynga Texas Holdem that you could reach out to some friends for a quick loan. Surely all those poker buddies that you were laughing it up with at the tables would be willing to help a friend when he’s down and out. You’d be surprised how quickly the room goes silent when you ask someone for a loan of zynga chips. If they have a respectable stack of zynga poker chips, chances are they’ve been hit up by just about every manner of grifter and freeloader from their friend list asking them for free zynga poker chips. By now they probably have a stone cold excuse ready and waiting for anyone who even glances at their chip stack. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask around and see how many of your friends and family are willing to part ways with their precious zynga poker chips. More often than not you’ll get the old disappearing act, and if they are someone you’ve met and befriended at the Zynga poker tables, don’t be surprised if you get unfriended as well..

Buying zynga poker chips in the game: Buying from within the app is the option that a lot of players go with. If you’re looking for a relatively modest amount of zynga poker chips and you have your credit card or other payment method already added to Facebook, you can usually buy chips from within the app itself with just a few clicks. While most transactions go smoothly, it should be noted that some players have reported having to wait 24 hours or more for their purchase to be reviewed before chips were credited to their account  (or ultimately having their order canceled). Most new players end up going this route because the amount of zynga poker chips they need is modest and they have a general lack of understanding about game dynamics.

For those discerning players who have become accustomed to playing the ultra-high stake tables in Zynga Texas Holdem, the chip aftermarket has become the place where they turn to refill their accounts and buy  cheap zynga chips. Those looking for discount zynga poker chips for sale often make their way to this market of sellers after searching on search engines such as Google. Average players may make due with in game purchasing, but elite players who need billions of zynga chips turn to these sellers to refill their accounts. With so many choices for zynga chip sellers though, how can one make a wise choice as to which one to buy from? The best sellers may not always be obvious at first, as it doesn’t take much effort to put up a flashy website and throw up some prices. When you ultimately decide to buy zynga poker chips in the aftermarket, speak with the Live Chat representative of the website you choose and don’t be afraid to ask them questions.  Can you buy zynga poker chips with a credit or debit card? Do they let you buy zynga chips with paypal or bitcoin? How do they deliver your chips to your account? Do they seem professional and knowledgeable? Spend some time digging around and you’ll find the right zynga poker chip seller for you.


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