Where to play Zynga Poker

Where to play Zynga Poker

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Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is the worlds largest multiplayer poker game. Players will find fast paced & stimulating game play at virtual tables where they can connect with friends, family members, or millions of strangers half way around the globe. Players can create their very own profiles that can be customized and add photos in order to personalize their experience. There is never a wait to play Zynga poker and you can be seated and playing with zynga poker chips in a matter of seconds after opening the game.

There are a number of ways to get free Zynga poker chips.

There are a number of different ways to play Zynga Poker. Many players ask themselves “where can I play zynga poker?” Most people already know that you can download it from the App Store or Google Play to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet such as an iPad. Zynga poker can also be played on the desktop, the way players did many years ago when the game first came out, prior to the mobile gaming era. Players can log into Zynga Poker on their desktop using either a Facebook account or Zynga ID at Zynga.com

Upon entering the game, Zynga gives all new players $20,000 in virtual zynga poker chips to start off at the small tables. You can also play the daily lucky slots to win up $100,000 more zynga chips. In addition, there are a number of daily challenges that allow players to get tickets in exchange for completing certain game-play based accomplishments such as getting a full house, getting a flush, getting four of a kind, or successfully bluffing other players in the game. These tickets can then be exchanged for varying amounts of zynga poker chips ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of zynga chips.

Playing Zynga Poker is like being in a virtual global casino.

These smaller amounts of zynga chips are usually sufficient for most novice gamers to get started in the game. For those that wish to ratchet up the excitement, Zynga offers larger amounts of zynga poker chips for sale via in game purchases. Instead of hundreds of thousands, this gives players access to hundreds of millions of Zynga poker chips and allows them to play in tables designated only for the skilled high rollers. Players who buy zynga poker chips in the game also get Zynga gold which can be used to bypass rounds in Shoot-Out Tournaments as well as to buy-in in the Power Tournaments. For example, by utilizing 5 Zynga Gold, a player can skip ahead to Round-2 in a Shoot-Out Tournament. Skipping ahead to Round-3 will cost a player 50 Zynga Gold. Casino Gold can also be used to buy premium in-game gifts. These premium gifts are different than regular Zynga poker gifts in that they do not expire and stay in a player’s inventory permanently, making them much more valuable than the usual gifts that expire in days or weeks.

Getting started in Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is as easy as clicking the “Play” button.

If buying zynga poker chips in game is for skilled players, the elite players of Zynga Poker exist on yet another level. These players can usually be found in the top tables where the buy-ins are measured in the billions of zynga poker chips. For this level of game play, elite players turn to websites such as MomsChips in order to buy cheap Zynga poker chips online. These seasoned gamers are generally looking to purchase tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of discount Zynga chips to play in the top level rooms. For them, the exciting game play with other top players cannot be matched by virtual cigars or roses, no matter how permanent.


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