Will Facebook ever allow real money poker games?

Will Facebook ever allow real money poker games?

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With the countless online games available, Zynga Texas Holdem poker has continued to dominate the expanding market. Its popularity with the virtual gambling market has remained consistent and unaffected by the ever growing copycat facebook poker games. With its steady gamer loyalty and ability to generate revenue for Zynga with the purchase of virtual zynga poker chips, one would think it would be a no brainer to eventually expand into the real gambling world.

We all know the customer base and frequent visitors to zynga poker wouldn’t snub their noses to getting their hands in some real money gambling in the comfort of their own homes. Just because they are playing with “virtual” zynga poker chips doesn’t mean the game doesn’t feed that itch for their real money poker addiction. We have all seen the beggers in chat rooms pleading for another fix of more free zynga poker chips when they have ran out of their own chips. It doesn’t take a genius to see there would definitely be a huge customer base for legalized online gambling, but don’t start your Occupy Zynga Poker protests just yet. It may be a little too soon for that, though you could possibly start thinking of some slogans for your picket signs.

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So how can Zynga use its power to get a few legislators to pass a bill to approve online gambling and move players from using zynga poker chips to real money in its online games? If it’s already completely legal to take a trip to Las Vegas and lose your children’s college tuition and your wife’s savings meant for reconstructing her butt to look like Nikki Minaj, then why shouldn’t online gambling have the same opportunity to rape an individual of their dignity and retirement security? I see no difference in the two aside from the location in which you make your bet. I see no reason entirely not to legalize online gambling, specifically online real money Zynga Texas Holdem poker.

One would wonder if this could even be real a possible future for the ever so famous online game that currently only lets players play with zynga poker chips. Don’t be surprised to know that the government has of course considered this proposition before. For the most part legislation for individual states has slowly become more and more lax in respects to gambling laws. The mass appeal of collecting tax money for the state has allowed development of gambling sites all across the nation. On the east coast, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and New York have all gotten their hands dirty with a multitude of gambling establishments popping up, in comparison for a few decades ago, Atlantic City, New Jersey was the only source of on-site gambling in the area. With some time, chances are, gambling will become available within your household and maybe let gamers trade their zynga poker chips for a chance at winning real money.

It may very well be a possibility in the near future that online gambling may enter the homes of the American public. Facebook, with over 800 million users and 38 million facebook poker gamers, there seems to be no better provider than Facebook poker to be the one to deliver it to them. Although we cannot foresee what the future holds, we can at least take a bet on the pot of zynga poker chips. In the meantime players will have to settle for being able to buy zynga poker chips without the reward of being able to cash them in someday.


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